Wellfern Stands For Value

Wellfern Stands For Value

Starting a business can be a daunting undertaking. It comes with a host of challenges, foremost among them is the unavoidable financial outlay by money-strapped entrepreneurs desperate to get their products into the hands of consumers.

But in an age when advanced technology has dramatically upended the traditional business model, business owners no longer need to handle everything on their own.

At Wellfern, an order fulfillment venture with warehouses located strategically all over the country, we make it a lot easier for you, that business owner, to overcome many key challenges and succeed.

Establishing our values

Our values set us apart in the order fulfillment industry where we lead and set trends that others emulate. And that’s just only one reason partnering with will give you a major advantage over your competitors.

Great American Business Services, the legal owner of Wellfern’s online platform, sees its mission as helping your business become profitable by offering you quality services at a great price.

We did not leap into this industry unprepared to handle the demands set by our clients. We began from the ground floor and worked our way up, learning what works and improving as we progressed and even creating our own processes.

Our founder figured out that there had to be a way to fine-tune the order fulfillment operation to make it faster, more efficient and easier to get products to the consumer. He wanted customers to walk away pleased with the service they received and happy to build a long-term relationship with us.

A principled company

Our website at Wellfern.com makes it very transparent about how we go about our business operation. Here are 5 sets of principles Wellfern espouses and you can use them to hold us to our commitment to you:

  • Setting and achieving goals – Although we know the formula to achieve success, we are completely aware that our clients, especially if you are a new business owner, will need assistance. We give special attention start-up to help them get a foothold in the marketplace, operate efficiently and make money.
  • Professionalism – Our employees, highly trained in their fields, work to make sure we don’t take you for granted. We want you to be satisfied with our level of service and tell us when things go awry. We will fix them.
  • Technology – To us, technology is an indispensable tool. It has significantly reshaped how the world functions, including how we conduct business. Retail practices have been revamped, and commerce and banking operations have changed beyond what anyone had imagined. If your business does not embrace technology, it is doomed, but if you welcome it, success will follow. You won’t be left behind with Wellfern guiding you on how to use technology to your benefit.
  • Customer satisfaction – Without you, we simply can’t exist. So, our mission is to ensure you are satisfied with how we deal with you each day. We place our clients at the top of the list in every step of the fulfillment process, and we step beyond any preconceived boundary to make sure we address any issues.
  • Speed – When it comes to getting things done quickly, we don’t negotiate. In today’s retail environment, we must be on top of our game. Our clients expect us to be speedy and accurate while providing free shipping, outstanding service and be mindful of their budgets.

Wellfern is a dynamic order fulfillment company, constantly tweaking our operations to make them better and coming up new ways to help you achieve your goals.