2022 Global Supply Chains: Four Latest Trends That Will Shape Future

2022 Global Supply Chains: Four Latest Trends That Will Shape Future

COVID-19 has had a significant influence on supply chains. According to a recent Statista poll, approximately 72 percent of firms are experiencing negative consequences due to the epidemic. Even as the disruptions continue, supply networks worldwide have begun to pick up the pieces and map new terrain to recover.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and the internet of things aren’t likely to be on that list shortly. While these innovations are becoming more common in the global supply chain, they are still far from the norm.

So, here are some top supply chain trends predictions for 2022.


To boost robustness across global supply chains, businesses will need to rebalance near-shore, on-shore, and off-shore manufacturing operations. They’ll have to maintain developing other sourcing tactics to lessen reliance on specific suppliers in low-cost locations, as they have over the previous two years.

Inventory optimization tactics will continue to be important, assisting decision-makers in identifying vital materials, intermediates, and products and determining how much and where they should be stored across the supply chain.


Climate change, circular economy, ESG, and sustainability have become corporate objectives in recent years. Our global supply chains are smack in the heart of them, both as a big contributor to the problems and as a key emphasis area where we can take action to address them.


Improving visibility to gather, consolidate, and consume data and insights in real-time from across the supply chain will be a significant priority in 2022.

Cold Chain Packing & Logistics collect unprecedented data as we develop, manufacture, and distribute smarter goods. People may use this information to analyze how well things, equipment, or vehicles are working, calculate carbon emissions, identify whether they require maintenance, etc.


The use of Industry 4.0 within factories, across the supply chain of smart assets, and in the hands of consumers and customers using the smart goods and gadgets it allows will receive more attention in the next year.

By increasing the productivity and decision-making of existing employees and enticing fresh talent with cutting-edge tools, technology can help ease labor shortages and boost retention.

One thing is undeniable. For the past 20 months, supply chains have faced significant problems and have been in the limelight, and they will continue to do so well into 2022.


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