3 Dangerous Jobs

3 Dangerous Jobs

Going to work should be enjoyable. In whatever field you’ve chosen, you’re able to provide for your family, pay housing costs and put food on the table for the people you love. However, some jobs pose greater risks than others in their everyday environment. Someone’s life can change in an instant if they suffer a back injury from work and end up unemployed and drowning in medical bills. There are attorneys out there who will fight for your rights and hold a company responsible if you were injured because of something they didn’t address. Here are three of the most dangerous work environments that may lead to work-related injuries and lawsuits.

1. Heat, Refrigerator And AC Installers

This is a job with a lot of security since people always need mechanical items installed in their homes. However, it’s not the easiest. This job is dangerous because you are lugging around and installing large machinery that can put a lot of strain on your back or even fall over if something isn’t tightened or placed properly. In addition, some of these installers end up in tight spaces full of harmful pathogens in the air which can clog lungs and lead to cancers or other diseases if inhaled over a long period of time.

2. Industrial Machine Operators And Installers

Factories in general can be dangerous because of the huge machinery, conveyor belts and large number of people working at once. However, the people who work on and install these large machines can be at even greater risk. Workers have to wear hard hats, steel-toed shoes and safety goggles to increase their protection, but they can still succumb to injuries especially if something falls off the machine and hits them or something goes wrong while they’re operating it.

The deadliest jobs in America, based on workplace fatalities - Business  Insider

3. Electricians

Electricity is an extremely powerful current. While it’s very beneficial at providing light and power to buildings, it isn’t something to be messed with. Parents install child-proof outlets and do their best to keep children away from electricity, but electricians work near the current every day. They work with active wires and electrical systems that have broken down. This is a dangerous position to be in because they never really know what they’re getting into as they start to decipher the situation. If they’re working on power lines, the dangers are even greater because heights are involved. The most common injuries in this profession are burns, falls and shocks. Out of 100,000 electricians, 10 died in 2016. This fatality rate is three times the national average and a stark reminder of the dangers present every day for people who work in the electric profession.

It’s no secret that life can change in an instant. It’s best to savor each and every moment you have because work, life and unexpected tragedies can turn someone’s world upside down. Staying alert if you work in a dangerous profession is also important, and researching resources will give you the knowledge you need to find help if you end up injured and unsure what to do next.