3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Small Business Efficiency

When it comes to running a company, efficiency is king. The more efficient and optimal you run, the more likely you are to churn out production. When your company is weighed down by tasks which aren’t pertinent to the growth of the business, rather, just necessary operational items, you stop growing. And when you stop growing, as we all know, you start dying.

The key to warding off such business disease is to find ways to outsource tasks. Doing everything yourself is simply the worst way to evolve. But it is the easiest way to become a stressed out nutcase.

Here are three great ways to take a load off.

Hire a “VA.” What’s a “VA?” It’s a Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is a low cost, remote person who helps you accomplish tasks that might otherwise bog you down. It could be anything from working with Excel spreadsheets to building out stats reports. The ceiling here is very high. And you’d be surprised at how much easier you life can be when you have some added help. And better yet? These VA’s aren’t typically too costly. It is much more cost efficient than hiring some in house employee.

A VA works directly on items you want worked on and doesn’t get paid when projects aren’t ongoing. This saves you money and benefits the VA because the VA can accomplish work for other clients. You get exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Look at accounts payable outsourcing companies. These are the type of companies that can help you better manage a rather drab and ‘matter of fact’ portion of your business. Your accounts payable isn’t a part of your business that will necessarily contribute to growth, however, if it is ran improperly, it can easily contribute to negative consequences.

All too often, accounts payable is viewed as a sidenote. And this can lead to a poor experience for vendors and clients alike. You don’t want late bills that cause negative credit marks. You also don’t want to be sending out unprofessional looking checks.

Hire an SEO company. I saved this for last, because the honest truth is, hiring an SEO company comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not all SEO companies are equal. Some will try to oversell you. Some are just frauds. Others can be gold mines to your business.

Getting your company’s website in higher profile, more profitable listings, can seriously change the fate of your business. And of course, you’ve considered this many times over. And of course, you’ve likely tried to do it yourself. But the game has changed. You can no longer just buy links. You need content, so that means you need writers. You need PR. You need your website hosted correctly. You need someone who can manage all the relationships required to successfully build an SEO company. SEO, if done correctly, is a full-time job. There is no halfway point in it. You either have good, fruit-bearing listings, or you have nothing. How many times do you go to page 3 of Google’s search results page when you are shopping for vacation packages? I’d bet never. The key when hiring a search engine company is to make sure that you read reviews. I personally use Dallas website design and they’ve been great, but you probably don’t live in Dallas, so there’s that.

Outsourcing is the greatest benefit a company can possess. It means you are efficient because you know how to juggle and prioritize tasks to the right sectors. And this means you have the ability to grow.