3 Ways Business Texting Services Help You Strengthen Customer Relations

3 Ways Business Texting Services Help You Strengthen Customer Relations

Strengthening relationships through Business Texting Services comes in handy for marketers who are looking to generate and convert leads. It’s also very effective in improving your relationships with existing customers because it allows you to engage on a more personal level, share content, send exclusive offers, send special announcements, and keep them connected to your brand.

Some business owners may not be comfortable yet with using business texting services because it sounds a bit evasive to send text messages to their contacts but the fact of the matter is, people actually prefer to receive text messages from businesses than phone calls or emails.

Think about it.

You’re at work sitting in on a meeting and your mind wanders off as you begin to wonder why your shipment from your favorite retailer never arrived yesterday. You can’t very well pick up your cell phone right then and there to call and find out the status of your shipment. Sending an email isn’t going to work either because you want to know RIGHT NOW and not hours from now, and some customer service teams reply days later.

Now, if you could just pick up your cell phone and quickly send a text message asking for a status update and get a reply within minutes…how satisfied would you be? Very! That’s why more brands are using business texting services to improve their customer relations.

Here are 3 other ways business texting services will help you build trust and loyalty with your consumers:

  1. Use Business Texting Services to Nurture Your Customers.

While automating messages can be useful, it’s not necessarily the best way to build a relationship. Ultimately it will affect your bottom line and it has been proven that when you nurture a relationship with a customer, you make nearly 50%more in sales from them compared to those whom you do no cultivate a relationship with.

Not only do customers you develop a relationship with become repeat customers, but they are also more likely to refer your company to friends and family. That means that nurtured relationships will in fact lead to higher revenue. But what will help you build a relationship with your consumers? Easy peezy! Conversations will!

More times than not, sending a text message is how friends and family choose to communicate with one other, and so it would only make sense that you use the same concept to effectively build a relationship between your brand and your consumers.

There are so many ways to use landline texting services to start conversations. You can start with conversations starters such as:

  • Hey Sam, we noticed you wanted more info on our promotion. Do you have time at any point today to go over the details?
  • Good morning! I saw this article on how to maintain your hair color and thought you may want to read up on it before you schedule your next appointment for hair coloring with me ?
  • Hey Sarah, we were reviewing reports and saw that you ordered vitamins a month ago and figured you may be running low by now. Here’s a discount code for your next purchase!

These types of text message are short, friendly, and very likely to convert into a sale. We highly recommend you insert this into your sales funnels because you will notice an influx in orders over time simply because you embedded conversational wording into your marketing plan.

  1. Send Promotional Offers as You Build Your List of Subscribers.

If a consumer had an excellent experience buying your products or taking advantage of your services, there is a high likelihood that they will be a repeat customer. In fact, they are more likely to spend money on your brand than a new lead. Even if that only accounts for an approximate 5% increase in customer retention it will still increase your bottom line up to 95%.

In order to make this theory work at its best, it’s imperative that you re-engage former buyers, which can easily be done by using business texting services to send messages about new products, announcements, promotions, opportunities, and features. You can track how many of those messages met your end goal of encouraging a customer to buy from you again by using a keyword to build your filtered list of subscribers.

When you use a keyword, your customers will have the ability to (for example), text VIPCUSTOMER to your business phone number for more information on receiving exclusive promotional deals that is not available to all customers. You can also set up an autoresponder to thank those who sent in the keyword and then make sure to monitor the list so that you know who to send the special “VIP” offers you promised they’d receive.

One of the benefits of using business texting services is the fact that people can send and receive text messages to and from your business phone number.

  1. Increase Your Review Ratings – Business Texting Services.

Here’s a little fun fact: Companies that have 10 or more reviews online will gain 50% more conversions than brands who have a whopping zero number of reviews. Most people fishing for information on a product or service will use Google to find out more before they spend their money. On average, consumers read approximately 7 reviews before they believe in your brand, and 22% of consumers who have read a bad review (just 1 bad review) will quickly decide you’re not the brand for them.

Moral of the story is that having good reviews will help your business with positive online exposure and sales conversions.

Here’s how business texting services can help you gain good reviews and boost your sales:

Send a links in a text message asking your customers to write a quick review about their positive experience with your brand. You can insert an incentive like 10% off their next purchase for their time.

Want to know how much this tactic works? Links via text message have a 36% click through rate. Being that mostly everyone reads text messages within seconds of receiving them, you have a good chance of getting an increase in reviews on the same day you request your customers to submit them.


If emails and phone calls aren’t getting you the results you want in terms of reaching customers, nurturing customer relationships, or converting leads, then perhaps it’s time for you to give a business texting service a try. If you’re afraid it may be too complicated, it’s not. In fact, the Text My Main Number text messaging platform is very user-friendly, and the customer service team offers training during your free