5 Home Renovation Myths You Might Believe (But Just Aren’t True)

5 Home Renovation Myths You Might Believe (But Just Aren’t True)

The topic of home renovating can be stress-inducing, especially if you want to go through a major remodel. You might think that home renovations always go over budget, or that you can save money by doing much of the work yourself. But is that really true? These are just a couple of the home renovation myths that you might believe, which could set you back when you start your own remodel. By dispelling some of these myths, you’ll be on your way to set off on the right foot as you think about updating your home.

Myth: It’s Cheaper to do it Yourself.

Reality: Some Projects Can Be Diy, But Others Are Better Left To The Professionals, To Avoid Doing The Work Twice.

While some home improvement projects can be done with a DIY job — like painting a wall or refinishing cabinets in your kitchen, other jobs like involved electrical or plumbing work or construction projects are better left to the professionals. YouTube videos and DIY sites might make projects seem easier than they are in reality — especially if you don’t have the background or skills for home improvement jobs. You may find that you need to hire someone to finish a job that you started or have it redone, which can actually cost you more money in the end.

Myth: Remodeling Takes Forever And Will Go Over Budget.

Reality: With The Right Planning You Can Move Forward With Fewer Surprises.

Unexpected permitting and construction and supply delays can all be part of a major renovation project, but some delays can be avoided. By having a clear plan of what you want to get done, and setting out a timeline with your contractor, you can have a general sense of how much time and money you can expect to put into your remodeling project. There are also some projects that you can get done relatively quickly, like replacing your appliances or refinishing your cabinets — and these changes can have a big impact.

Myth: I Won’t Need A Permit.

Reality: You Might Need A Permit, And Check With Your City To Be Sure.

You can probably get away with a remodel job that involves replacing flooring, painting, or updating light fixtures and appliances, without getting a permit. But for more involved jobs that include demolition or modifying plumbing, you are likely to need a permit. Check with your city and if you have one, homeowners’ association before you get started on your project.

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Myth: Remodeling Always Brings A Big Return On Investment.

Reality: Not All Remodeling Projects Give You A Big Return At Sale Time.

A remodeled kitchen is sure to bring you more when you are selling your home, but just because you spend more doesn’t mean that you will recoup everything you spent. The same goes for bathrooms and most other major remodeling projects. For example, Remodeling magazine’s 2020 Cost versus Value Report found that a major kitchen remodel had a price tag of about $68,000 but recovered only about 59% at resale.

Myth: Design Trends Can Give My Home A Modern Look.

Reality: Updating With Trends Can Mean Your Home Will Look Dated Faster.

While it’s a good idea to give any upgrade a sleek and modern touch, following trends can mean that your space looks outdated in a few years. Some updates like a neutral tiled backsplash, pendant lights, and mid-century modern furnishings have the combined appeal of being on-trend while having staying power, as top real estate agents will tell you. Opting for these changes instead of true trends will mean your home will look fresh for years to come.

A home renovation project can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. If you are aware of these common myths, then you will be on track for your home updates in no time.