A Crypto Hype: Play “Dogemon Go” and Earn Dogecoin

A Crypto Hype: Play “Dogemon Go” and Earn Dogecoin

Following this year’s hype surrounding meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin, a team of developers revealed the launch of an augmented reality (AR) mobile game called Dogemon Go. Similar to the popular AR game Pokémon Go, players capture virtual characters dubbed “dogemons.” As characters level up, they can earn Dogecoin (DOGE) as rewards.

Crypto Investors Are (Again) Showing Interest In Doge

Even serious investors and crypto experts are starting to take the hoax coin seriously because it has a large number of users and its developers are accepted in the blockchain world, analytics firm Chainalysis reports. In particular, the high trading volume and the remarkable interest in the currency attract investors.

Additionally, DOGE price is likely to witness another strong rally in the near future. It all has to do with the announcement of Dogemon Go, a video game for Android and iOS users. In this ‘Pokemon Go’ clone, players capture virtual characters called ‘Dogemons’ and thereby earn DOGE coins.

Cryptocurrencies keep causing a stir. Especially cryptos from the NFT area or meme tokens were able to achieve enormous price successes. While move-to-earn is not a new concept per se, the connection with non-fungible tokens has sparked real hype.

The developers of the AR mobile game recently announced on Twitter that the game has already been released for iOS devices and an Android application is also currently in development. For those who can’t wait, the developers have provided an APK for direct download. The project’s website welcomes visitors to the game and also includes a map of the AR playing field.

Dogemon’s “Advertising Paradise” Raises Privacy Concerns

The official website states that the game was produced by a team called Frozen Limited. However, many players are sceptical due to privacy concerns, as registering to play requires either a Google account, Facebook account, or the use of an Apple ID. For comparison: Pokémon Go also requires one of the accounts mentioned to register and play.

Dogemon Game does not have any reviews or ratings yet as it is new. While the graphics of the Pokémon Go prototype are better, there are no in-game crypto rewards. According to the developers, the game could be an “advertising paradise” for those who want to promote their project, token or coin within the augmented reality map, according to the Dogemon Go web portal.

Cryptocurrency is the answer to sanctions imposed on Russia

Is it Time to Take the Meme Token Seriously?

DOGE price has risen sharply in the last few days, driven by optimism in the crypto market and the announcement of the game ‹Dogemon Go›. Last week, 66 percent of all DOGE investors reported gains, according to charts from  IntoTheBlock. Over the past week, Dogecoin’s overall market value has increased by a total of 25 percent. Dogecoin price, meanwhile, managed to break the USD 0.30 resistance line and doesn’t seem to be stopping there.

After the crypto crash in May, the price of what is probably the best-known meme token slowly plummeted and was almost forgotten. However, since the end of July, the currency has staged a quiet comeback and its value has been rising again in recent days.

But where did this revival of the meme token come from? Some crypto analysts are convinced that Dogecoin’s bullish momentum is being fueled by the various delays and obstacles the proposed US crypto tax law is encountering. The law aims to force American crypto investors, miners and companies to report and tax their crypto earnings.

Many analysts believe that Dogemon GO has the potential to revolutionize the way Dogecoin is used. It could even lead to growing practical use of cryptocurrency.