A Guide to the Most Flattering Panties for Your Backside

Every woman’s body is different, which means that not every piece of clothing will fit and flatter your body the same way it flatters your sister or your best friend. Most women know this already and actively try to seek out clothes that look good on their body, but—when shopping for panties—not many women think about how the underwear they choose will flatter their frame.

Comfort and function are usually bigger priorities than style for everyday panties. After all, no one sees them but you—and maybe your partner. However, you might be surprised at how much more confident you feel when you wear stylish panties that cater to the shape of your backside and enhance your natural curves. Explore these panty styles to determine which style is most flattering for your unique figure.

Thongs for Round Booties

Round, Kardashian-esque booties don’t need any extra volume. In fact, full-coverage panties—like briefs, bikinis, and boy shorts—just tend to make rounder booties look bulky and make it more difficult for curvy women to hide their panty lines under form-fitting clothes.

The classic thong is the ideal panty style for women with round booties. It doesn’t add unflattering bulk and instead highlights the curviness of rounder backsides with its skimpy cut. If you’re still worried about panty lines, try a seamless thong style that features raw-cut edges to keep your panties hidden no matter what you’re wearing.

High-Cut Bikinis for High Hipbones

Women with naturally high hipbones tend to lack curves in their backside. High, prominent hipbones erase the natural tapering from hips to waist that creates the appearance of a full, round booty. Even if your backside does have some volume, high hipbones can make it look flatter than it really is.

High-cut bikinis are the ideal flattering panty style for women with high hipbones. Bikini panty styles offer a good amount of coverage and highlight the curves of your backside without adding too much bulk. High-cut panties emphasize where your hips end and your waist begins, which also helps mimic the appearance of curves.

Boy Shorts for Flat Booties

If your booty lacks volume altogether, you can create the appearance of a rounder backside with boy shorts. Boy shorts are comfortable, versatile, and very flattering for women with thin, athletic body types and flat backsides.

Just make sure that the boy shorts fit your backside well. If your boy short panties are not form-fitting, they will end up bagging around your booty and only serve to accentuate the flatness of your backside. Boy shorts that cling to your backside, on the other hand, add natural-looking volume.

Cheeky Panties for Heart-Shaped Backsides

Heart-shaped backsides are characteristically rounder and wider at the base and get slimmer and lose volume higher up—causing these booties to mimic the shape of an upside-down heart. Cheeky panties are the perfect panty style for heart-shaped booties because they offer coverage for the top of your backside but don’t add any extra bulk to the lower part of your cheeks.

These sexy panties draw attention to the top of your backside near your waist. Their cheeky cut helps balance out the roundness of your lower booty to create a full-looking finish that appears evenly curvy and voluminous from top to bottom. On the other hand, stay away from full-coverage panties or any style that draws more attention to the lower part of your backside—like boy shorts—as these panties will just make the top of your backside look even flatter.