Are Slick Tiles and Dryland Flooring the Same Thing?

Are Slick Tiles and Dryland Flooring the Same Thing?

When it comes to the different types of hockey flooring it is easy to get confused as to which ones do what. Are slick tiles the same as dryland hockey flooring? What about synthetic ice? What do the different types of flooring have to do with each other, and what is the difference?

If you would like to have a better understanding of hockey flooring in general and want to know which type might be best for you, keep reading.

Slick Tiles and Dryland Flooring

Dryland hockey flooring is a generic term for the type of tiles that you can put down and create a hockey practice area in your home, or wherever else you could imagine. When you practice or play on dryland tiles you can not use ice skates to do so. Dryland flooring is made so that you can experience the slickness of the ice hockey floor when it comes to shooting pucks and dangling, but not for ice skating. Slick tiles are a name-brand dryland hockey flooring that is exclusive to Sniper’s Edge hockey that offers a better, and slicker surface than the other dryland options on the market. You can practice shooting and even use a hockey balance board to practice with on slick tiles.

Synthetic Ice Panels

The thing about synthetic ice that people love the most is that it allows you to build an ice skating rink just about anywhere you would like. Much like dryland hockey flooring, synthetic ice panels are easy to install and connect with each other so tightly that there is barely seam. The rugged build and the seamless design are very effective when it comes to creating a flooring system that allows for ice-like skating and shooting.

Although you can ice skate on synthetic ice, it is not recommended to attempt to rollerblade on it. Since synthetic ice of the modern day is made out of a type of polymer plastic that is equipped with its own lubrication system, trying to rollerblade on the surface would be much like trying to rollerblade on a real ice flooring area. Yes, it is possible to rollerblade on a real ice rink, bit is not an easy task and could become dangerous if you do not have the skillset that will allow for such a stunt.

Rubberized Hockey Flooring

Another type of hockey flooring that is available on the market today is rubberized hockey tiles. Obviously, these tiles are made out of rubber and would not allow for ice skates, or hockey pucks. Yes, you are able to rollerblade on rubber flooring, but not the same way you could on a harder type of flooring. Rubber hockey flooring is made to play hockey with balls instead of pucks. Although it is much different than ice hockey, it is still a form of hockey and is very popular in some places.


So the difference between slick tiles and dryland hockey flooring is pretty simple. Dryland flooring is a generic term, and slick tiles are a name brand that was created by one of the top hockey product companies in the world, Sniper’s Edge hockey. If you want to invest in your future with high-quality training aids, make sure that you buy the best.


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