Benefits To Purchasing A Folding Electric Wheelchair

Benefits To Purchasing A Folding Electric Wheelchair

A folding electric wheelchair is a great advantage if you have physical limitations, as it increases not only your freedom but also your travel options. Because aging and persistent pain can negatively affect the strength of your arms, it creates a lack of healthy self-confidence and contributes to mood swings.

This restriction on the use of your arms makes you dependent on others for care, and in some cases might make you want to live isolated. Another negative that can affect people with disabilities is that you can no longer visit your loved ones and friends or take a vacation.

This type of wheelchair is the perfect helper if you live in these conditions. The fact that it offers you more mobility can be a huge boost to your self-confidence and give you freedom. Here are some reasons why investing in a folding electric wheelchair may be beneficial for you:

The Caretaker

If a wheelchair user needs the help of a caregiver, then the best electric wheelchair is a folding one, as the caregiver can get it up or down quickly with little effort. Because there is less stress and fewer repetitive tasks while managing the occupant, there are positive long-term benefits.

As such, the folding electric wheelchair offers all the benefits of a normal wheelchair but it has more flexibility and more options because it facilitates transport, storage and usage.

It can also be easily opened or folded. Because it’s so light in weight to remove or put in the trunk of a car is easy. They also have good battery life and can travel a maximum of 14 miles on a single battery charge.

Great Storage Option

Thanks to their great design, folding electric wheelchairs can be easily folded and placed in the trunk of most cars, or even hidden inside. When folded, it is relatively compact and takes up less space than conventional electric wheelchairs.

So there is no need to create a separate storage space for it or put it in the shed. This compactness is especially useful when traveling in combination with their very low weight. Thanks to this, they can be taken on a plane, making travel and vacation an unforgettable experience.

Great examples of folding wheelchairs are the E-Wheels EW-M45 and Pride Mobility’s Pride Jazzy Passport. The EW-M45 weighs 59 pounds and is one of the lightest electric wheelchairs on the market. It has a load capacity of 400 pounds and a turning radius of 31 inches. It can travel 15.5 mils on a single battery charge.

The Pride Jazzy Passport weighs just 53 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of 250 pounds with a turning radius of 24.5 inches. It can travel 11 miles on a single battery charge.

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