Equipment Your Community Group Needs

Equipment Your Community Group Needs

If you have started or recently joined a community group, you’re likely excited to help those in need of assistance in your neighborhood. After all, you and the team will make it your mission to meet specific needs or solve a problem in the local community.

Yet, starting a community group will require much commitment, time, and resources, which you’ll need to plan and budget for from day one of the journey. Get off to a successful start by learning about the equipment your community group needs.

A Dependable Minibus

Almost every community group will need a minibus. After all, you might need a vehicle for community field trips, transporting individuals to medical appointments, or attending competitive sporting events.

Ensure your community group is a short journey away by choosing one of the many cost-effective minibus leases available. Also, you can choose from various minibus designs to suit your community group’s needs, as you could lease a standard minibus or a bespoke wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

If you’re worried about how to pay for a minibus or additional equipment, you could receive funding from fundraising efforts, funding trusts, or central and local government.

A Meeting Place

Every community group will need a meeting place to discuss local issues, fundraising efforts, and obstacles encountered. Affordable spaces in the heart of the community are great options, such as community centers or local libraries.

Consider reaching out to local businesses to save even more money, as they might be more than happy to host your meeting free of charge in their halls or offices. Alternatively, you can hold meetings at committee members’ homes to slash costs.

A Mix of Refreshments

As committee meetings are likely to last an hour or more, you must provide refreshments to keep members hydrated and engaged. Prevent dry throats and rumbling stomachs by serving:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Water
  • Fruit
  • Cookies

The refreshments could help members develop creative ideas, identify solutions for obstacles, and increase their energy levels when discussing concerns or problems.

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A Bank Account

It doesn’t matter if you run a community group for seniors, disabled people, a local sports team, or a church group; you must open a bank account. As individuals and organizations might fundraise for your group or donate money, you must open a corporate account to separate the funds from your personal finances.

Many banks allow non-profit organizations to open an account to match their specific needs. For instance, you and other committee members can become signatories to ethically access the funds.

A Computer with an Internet Connection

As most of your time will be spent fundraising, organizing field trips, replying to emails, and managing the group’s finances, you’ll need to invest in a reliable desktop computer or a laptop with an internet connection. By doing so, you can create strict monthly budgets, identify funding and marketing opportunities, and communicate with members and locals via email, social media, or video call.

If you follow the above advice, you could create an effective, productive community group that caters to many locals’ needs.