EXANTE | an Essential Broker Review

EXANTE is a global broker that offers trading and investment solutions for individual retail traders, corporate traders, and professional traders and institutions. Founded in Malta in 2011 as the first broker to offer Maltese traders direct access to global markets, the company has expanded its geographic footprint over the years. Today, it has offices in the UK, Hong Kong, and Cyprus, and it serves clients from over 100 countries. EXANTE has $2 billion in assets under management, and it is a reputable and well-known trading and investment solutions provider around the world, with plenty of positive reviews from EXANTE users over the years.

This is a review of EXANTE. In this broker review, we are going to take an in-depth look at EXANTE’s range of products, trading platform, and account options. We are also going to review the educational resources and market analysis available.But before we begin, let us look at the broker’s licensing and regulation, as it is a global investment company that serves clients from all over the world.

Licensing and Regulation of EXANTE

EXANTE was established in Malta and is licensed by the MFSA. With its expansion to the UK, Hong Kong, and Cyprus, it also earned the license to operate in these regions. Its offices are regulated by the FCA, the SFC, and the CySEC respectively. As a broker that also operates in the European Union, it is compliant with the MiFID-II framework that oversees financial market transparency and supervises financial operations across the EU. EXANTE is also GDPR-compliant and adheres to EU privacy laws when it comes to client data processing and storage.

Product Offering

EXANTE offers a diverse product offering with over 600,000 financial instruments available for trading in over 50 global markets. The major products listed on their website are currencies, stocks, ETFs, bonds, metals, options, and futures.

  • 50 FX pairs available for trading on the spot or through forwards and swaps
  • 24,000 individual stocks available from global exchanges, including the NASDAQ, HKEX, ASX, EURONEXT, and more
  • Bonds (private and state, through exchanges and over the counter)
  • Metals including gold, silver, platinum, and copper
  • 500,000+ options across asset classes
  • Access to 30+ global futures markets

Multi-currency Trading Accounts

EXANTE offers two multi-currency live trading accounts: individual and corporate. Live account holders can access the full range of EXANTE’s offerings across global markets with 100% live prices.

Individual live accounts can be set up and maintained with a minimum deposit of 10,000 EUR/GBP or its equivalent in any supported currency, while corporate live accounts can be set up and maintainedwith a minimum deposit of 50,000 EUR/GBP or its equivalent in any supported currency. Live accounts require identity and corporate verification, and detailed requirements are available on the EXANTE website.

Traders can also register with the broker to open a demo account that comes with 1,000,000 EUR in virtual funds and access to the entire product catalogue. This is a good option for those who would prefer to paper trade before participating in the live markets. However, there is one caveat – market information when demo trading is delayed by approximately 30 minutes.

Supported Currencies

Traders can fund their accounts with the following deposit currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, AUD, CZK, and PLN. The accounts also support other currencies, including but not limited to CAD CHF, HKD, JPY, NOK, NZD, SGD. This information is accurate at the time of writing this review. For the full list of supported currencies, traders should visit the EXANTE website for the most up to date information.

Who can Open an Account With EXANTE?

EXANTEtakes on clients from around the world, but there are a few restricted regions. The broker does not onboard traders from the United States (citizens and residents), Japan, Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Belarus, and the Russian Federation.

Proprietary Trading Platform

EXANTE offers a bespoke trading platform on desktop, tablet, and mobile. The EXANTE trading platform allows all clients of the broker to execute trades across their entire product offering of 600,000+ instruments, and it has a network of 1,100 servers globally to ensure low latencies and safe data transfers.

Our first impression of the EXANTE trading platform is its innovation and customisable interface. Traders can choose from a desktop Windows, macOS, or Linux terminal when trading on the web, or from their iOS or Android smartphone by downloading the EXANTE trading app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

The EXANTE trading platform offers the below core tools and features, in addition to API integration:

Instruments Overview and Filtering

Traders can access and look for instruments in the Instruments tab, where they are grouped by type and sorted in alphabetical order. For added convenience, traders can quickly narrow down an instrument or look for one through filtering. Derivatives traders can turn on the visibility of options they can trade for certain assets for easy access as well, by clicking on ‘Show Options’ in Settings.

Precise and Customisable Charting

Traders can find a clear and customisable charting set-up on the EXANTE trading platform, where they can add colour-coded drawings and indicators to identify opportunities. Timeframes available for charts include 1, 5, 10, and 15 minutes, 1, 4, and 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month. Charts are easily sharable through a link, which not only copies the instrument’s live chart but also the timeframe that it is being viewed in, allowing for greater control and precision in trading within a community.

Live Quote Monitoring

Opportunities can be spotted easily with live quote monitoring of a trader’s favourite instruments (up to 100). Traders can view the bid, ask, and mid prices and bid and ask sizes of instruments they are interested in, and they can keep track of their large portfolio with ease with a large quote monitoring interface.

Tick-by-tick Data

Traders can access instrument tick-by-tick data in a panel called Time and Sales, which show recent trades made on global exchanges. Trades are shown in descending order, allowing traders to quickly identify opportunities to enter or exit the market, as well as keep an eye on market activity.

Colour-coded Market Depth Information

The bespoke trading platform also provides information on market depth to allow traders to see active limit orders by trading side, arranged by price. This is a good feature for traders to discover price levels as well as support and resistance zones, providing an edge for those who participate in breakout trading.

Concise Order Panel

EXANTE offers a clean and concise order panel for traders looking to place trades manually. The panel is straightforward, consisting of the key elements required: bid and ask prices, order type, quantity, duration, and risk management tools such as take profit and stop loss order setting. In the case of forbidden or Invalid orders, they are automatically cancelled or restricted.

Margin Utilisation Information

Finally, those who margin trade or participate in leveraged trading can find a margin module on the platform, which provides information on their available funds and margin utilisation in percentages or absolute values. This is a great way to visualise account funds and to manage risk.

Educational Resources and Market Analysis

EXANTEoffers a wealth of market insights on their website that is updated regularly. Articles cover the major asset classes, including market movements and developments of indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, currencies, and more. Articles include analysis of key data and economic events that will take place, sorted by region, and global macro updates that contain a summary of the largest news stories that week.

Our final Thoughts

EXANTE stands out in its impressive product offering of over 600,000 financial instruments at competitive spreads with low commissions. While the investment company claims to bea professional broker built for professional traders, novice and expert traders alike are welcome. EXANTE’s innovative and customisable trading platform is capable of creating a suitable trading environment for its user regardless of skill and experience level.