How Banks Use QR Codes in Online Payments

How Banks Use QR Codes in Online Payments

Back then, going to the bank to pay in-store was the only way to settle transactions. If you missed the deadline, there was just no way around it.

But thanks to QR code technology and the availability of a QR code generator online, a lot of banks around the world are now utilizing them to provide easier and more convenient real-time payments.

QR codes standardized how banks accept payments, but how so? Here are some key uses that most banks use for QR codes.

Streamlined Payment Processing

The last two years showed us QR codes displayed at almost every counter or on the tables of restaurants.

These are QR codes generated from the online banking applications of different banks. Once you scan the QR code of your bank, you’re redirected to your own mobile banking app, which will prompt you to pay the amount.

This was devised by both the banks and stores to make it more convenient for people to settle their transactions with just their smartphones. As most people have smartphones with them all the time, this has proven to be more convenient for customers in the modern world.

More Optimized Data Transfers

Whenever people needed to transfer funds across different bank accounts, users were required to fill out a form in their mobile banking apps, prompting them to put the receiver’s name, email address, bank account, and phone number.

The use of QR codes for data transfers and payment has eased the need for these lengthy processes.

The receiver simply needs to send the QR code, generated from their mobile banking app. The sender only has to scan this QR code to transfer the payment easily. This doesn’t only make the process more optimized but also prevents mistakes and typographical errors from both ends.

More Mobile Banking App Downloads

To encourage more people to take advantage of the bank’s mobile banking app, banks place QR codes across all papers, collaterals, and promotional materials that reach customers. From snail mail, withdrawal receipts, ATMs, bank storefronts, and even the physical cards, different banks around the world encourage people to use their mobile banking apps.

Chase Bank, one of the big banks in the US, places QR codes for their mobile apps in the snail mails that new clients receive.

This app allows users to manage their bank accounts and do simple transactions, such as checking their balance or depositing to other accounts, without leaving their homes.

More Effective Communication Strategy

Another great use of QR codes is to communicate with your other financial products such as loans, credit cards, insurance, and mortgages, among many others. All of these financial instruments have different terms and conditions, which may be difficult to elaborate on a single material.

Once the PDF QR code is scanned, users can find out the complete information about these products. While they can always talk to the bank teller or salesperson, this allows the users to at least have an idea about these services before inquiring further.

Generate Qr Codes For Your Own Promos And Services

The banking industry is one of the biggest adopters of the use of a reliable QR code generator with logo software. However, even if you’re in a completely different field from banking and finance, there are a lot of uses for QR codes as they’re a very versatile and developed technology.