How Facebook Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

How Facebook Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

Businesses can take advantage of the 68 percent of adults who use Facebook to advertise their products and services. Despite their excellent marketing capabilities, Facebook Pages may be subject to algorithm changes that impact how much your content is actually viewed.

PPC Facebook advertising gives you a fixed CPM, and you know how many impressions you’re going to receive. Some payment systems do not work that way. The positives of social media advertising outweigh the negatives, and these five benefits serve as a strong argument for getting started with Facebook advertising.

1. Targeting that is fine-tuned

You can target and retarget your Facebook Ads Management with an impressive array of options on Facebook, from demographics to location to behaviors to lookalike audiences.

With user-friendly features to help you set up your Facebook ads, Facebook’s Ad Manager makes managing your social media campaigns simple. Across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger on mobile and desktop, you can run ads in just a few clicks.

You can add tracking pixels to your website for the purpose of identifying your ideal customers and their preferred products.

2. A large audience on mobile devices

The proliferation of smartphones and the expansion of 4G data networks make mobile traffic increasingly important. Social media time allows you to reach your mobile audience as many people glance at their phones during their work day.

With over 1.74 billion active daily users and growing, Facebook has the largest user base of all the social networks.

3. An extensive analysis of the data

The social network also does not skimp on ad analytics and reporting. The conversion rate and other social indicators are clearly outlined instead of struggling to find them.

Facebook allows you to access this information through the “Insights” tab on a page. Among the metrics shown there are your weekly reach, likes, engagement, and best-performing posts. Compare your page with your competition to see how you measure up.

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It prevents you from discovering after the fact that a campaign didn’t work since you can see the data.

4. Brand Awareness Increased

The more often your preferred audience checks their news feed, the more chances you have of seeing your ads.

You can build trust with your continued visibility, even if your ad doesn’t click through right away, and you can retarget them in the future as well.

5. CTRs are trending upward

With Facebook’s advertising tools improving and businesses learning how to use them appropriately, Facebook ad CTR is growing steadily. You can target the right audience using constant improvements on the targeting and creative ends. It also gives you the option of presenting multiple ad types to your customers.

Facebook ads across all industries have a click-through rate (CTR) of .90%.

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