How Fortwix Uses API Tool to Support Clients

How Fortwix Uses API Tool to Support Clients

Technology has revolutionized the order fulfillment industry and one feature of that revolution – Application Programming Interface (API) – has eliminated obstacles to efficiency and success.

Fortwix has integrated API into its operation, making it easier for business owners who partner with the leading order fulfillment supplier us to streamline their business ventures.

The software, which is now routinely used in the order fulfillment industry, also provides the platform for business clients to expand into the global market.

“We are redefining how technology reshapes businesses.” Fortwix states on its website at “How we deploy innovative solutions to complex problems using cutting edge technology sets us apart from the crowd.”

How API works

API allows one system to communicate with another. Simply put, it is similar to a messenger delivering instructions to someone and then taking back a response. This means of communication is also light-years faster than the traditional way.

At Fortwix, which is owned by Lab Tech, the API program offered to clients is compatible with most third-party interfaces. And the real-time data the program generates offers insights that allow clients to automate their business processes, and save money.

Types of API

Other order fulfillment providers, including ShipBob, Shipwire, and Easyship use API software.

Below are some of the differences in the types of API protocols use by order fulfillment companies.

ShipBob uses two API programs: A “Privileged Access Token (PAT)” and an OAuth 2.0 process. The API allows for in-depth testing and can simulate inventory on-hands, order processing, WRO processing, and return processing

Users of API Access system:

  • Must be single-merchant or custom integrations
  • Must have an account before they can interact with ShipBob’s API. Accounts are free until physical inventory arrives, and the trial period does not expire.
  • Must request API credentials for the account holder

The Sandbox API is used for general-purpose integrations or those listed on the company’s app.

At Shipwire, the company offers 16 API resources. There is the Carriers API, which manages supported carriers. And users can view, add or remove information.

The company also has APIs for purchase orders, containers, validations, stocks, business reports, rates, receiving, returns, products, vendors, warehouses, Webhooks, and client libraries.

At Easyship, the company’s API software allows clients to control fulfillment operations. The software makes it easier for business clients to expand into global markets. The APIs include:

  • Shipping API for worldwide shipping options
  • Choice of preferred shipping method and cost
  • Interaction with the Easyship platform
  • APIs to pick rates, create shipments, download labels, and track deliveries

Fortwix offers free support once a client signs a year-long contract. The company has four main APIs:

Order API

  • Gives businesses unrestricted access to all sorts of information regarding orders
  • Allows clients to monitor, update, change or cancel existing orders or create new orders
  • Allows users to automatically reorder or place a new order when certain inventories are running low
  • Allows users to select specific order and query to get more information about that order
  • Allows clients to track active orders and see order history

Stock API

  • Manage inventory, which is an integral part of your business.
  • Monitor inventory and automate ordering, reordering, or clearance of inventory items
  • Allows quick access to information about products and inventory, including stock levels and overall health of inventory

Returns API

  • Manages returns more efficiently
  • Generates comprehensive reports that provide information like what items are being returned and why
  • Creates return labels, automating
  • Allows for postage and tracking
  • Provides insight on trends or potential product issues
  • Notifies supplier/vendor when customers return their products

Notifications API

  • Provides updates for specific order fulfillment events and certain workflow events
  • Helps track package throughout the entire process
  • Allows users to set up notification via text or email on certain events.