How to Install Slick Tiles in Your Home

How to Install Slick Tiles in Your Home

Hockey slick tiles turn any off-ice space into a legit training space. These tiles are made of a durable, synthetic material that mimics the feel of a real sheet of ice. Regulation pucks and your stick will glide across your slick tiles with ease. This real feeling of playing on ice will help you create muscle memory which will translate perfectly to the rink.

Hockey slick tiles offer protection. These tiles protect your floors, asphalt, concrete, or wherever you set up your home training area. They also protect your equipment from these harsh surfaces. Slick tiles allow you to use your regular, game-quality stick to practice with which will help improve your game as well.

Possibly the best thing about slick tiles though is that they are easy to install and just as easy to uninstall. This means you will be set up and training in no time after you place your order. Also, you don’t have to have a permanent place in your home to set up your slick tiles. You can put them down for training and pick them up when you’re done for the ultimate flexibility. Here is how to install slick tiles in your home.

Figure out how many slick tiles you need

Before your start installing your sick tiles, you need to find out how many you need. The slick tiles from Snipers Edge come in boxes of 20 12” by 12” so you can cover 20 square feet per box. To find out the square footage of your space, multiply the length by the width of the area.

How to install your slick tiles

Once you’ve ordered your slick tiles and have enough to cover your space, all you need to do is start putting them together. Each tile has two opposite sides with loops and two opposite sides with teeth. To connect the tiles, you simply interlock the loops and the teeth.

To make sure that the tiles connect firmly when connecting a teeth side to a loop side, place the teeth side at an angle and push the edge as close as you can get to the other tile’s loop side. When the two tiles are as close as can be, push down on the angled tile. When you press the seam between the two tiles, you should hear the loop and teeth mechanisms lock into place.

When connecting the loop side to the teeth side, lift up the piece on the floor with the teeth side out and slide the loop side underneath. Once lined up, again push down on the seam until you hear the loops and teeth click into place. When installing a piece between two pieces, set up the loop side first, followed by the teeth side. Don’t snap anything in place until both edges are lined up as tightly as can be.

It’s important you start with one row going across your space and follow that up with another row started from the same end. If you have multiple people starting from different areas, you won’t be able to get the last piece in. You continue this process until you have your entire space covered.


There are a ton of benefits to installing slick tiles in your off-ice training space. If you order your slick tiles from, there is even one more benefit. We offer a price match guarantee. if you find a competitor with a cheaper price, let us know and we will meet it or beat it!

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