How To Learn Calligraphy Online

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the layout and execution of lettering with a huge tip device, brush, or other writing gadgets. A modern-day calligraphic exercise can be described as “the art of giving form to signs and symptoms in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful way”.

Modern calligraphy ranges from functional inscriptions and designs to nice-artwork portions in which the letters may also or may not be readable. Classical calligraphy differs from typography and non-classical hand-lettering, although a calligrapher might also exercise both

Which Calligraphy Tools Are Needed?

The major tools for a calligrapher as per the 9mousai website are the pen and the brush. Calligraphy pens write with nibs that can be flat, round, or pointed. For a few ornamental functions, multi-nibbed pens—steel brushes—can be used. However, works have also been created with felt-tip and ballpoint pens, despite the fact that those works do no longer hire angled traces. There are some varieties of calligraphy, together with Gothic script, that require a stub nib pen.

Common calligraphy pens and brushes are:

  • Quill
  • Dip pen
  • Ink brush
  • Qalam
  • Fountain pen

Resources to Learn Calligraphy Online

  • Olive & Reid Studio Blog

My pal Kate of Olive & Reid Studio is an Aussie calligrapher living in the UK. It’s been a laugh to music her development and notice her create calligraphy for all styles of occasions from celebrity parties

  • Examples on Pinterest

While it’s now not necessarily meant to be a getting to know resource, Pinterest can educate you lots about calligraphy through visuals.

  • Free Printables on TPK

As a bonus to readers, I like to offer unfastened calligraphy pintables when I have the time! The printable can be a worksheet, drills, or only a little eBook.

  • The Flourish Forum

The Flourish Forum is a web forum that calligrapher Erica McPhee started out several years in the past. The quantity of combination calligraphy know-how on the Flourish Forum will astound you.

Use of Calligraphy

As per the research of 9MOUSAI, Calligraph.Org takes the satisfactory of both approaches with a traditional approach to on-line gaining knowledge of and a few greater current sources from young hobbyists. There are also a few exciting options for customers that have the fundamentals down, but want to development in new instructions. This consists of the greater casual fashion of brush calligraphy and the advent to chalk lettering.