Is Your Web Design Truly About Your Company?

Is Your Web Design Truly About Your Company?

Connecting with your audience today means knowing what would get them to stop and pay attention to your words. People now have to pick from a wide range of content, from various media, on dozens of platforms and channels. They can easily tune out because there are so many voices, all with some attractive or controversial message.

A well-written or well-crafted piece is not enough to get people to stay on your website. You must put your personality in your online presence. Personality is that mysterious ingredient, the factor why some brands amass large followings. It gets people to linger on your page and convinces them to try your product or your service. If you are looking for ways to bring more of your business’s personality to the fore, remember these three web design basics.

1. Authenticity – Who You Are

People should clearly see what your brand is about. At first glance, they should at least be able to form impressions that are close to the personality you wish to convey. You cannot control how they will think, but if you show consistency in your materials, they will believe in your message.

This means having the same colour scheme, design elements, art style, and photography throughout your site, and producing cohesive messages. Websites are effective when they clearly represent the brand. For example, a local business page will need a different look from a religious centre’s website. Agencies offering branding services can help you identify your business’s identity.

This is not meant to attract everyone; when you introduce your brand authentically, there will be people who would not be interested. However, when you are true to your brand’s message, it will attract the people who will be most likely to make a purchase or subscription.

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2. Content – What You’re Saying

A website’s success is measured largely through the number of repeat visitors it has. It is easy to get a person to visit your website once or twice; to turn them into regulars is a whole other matter. People will keep coming back only if you provide them with the information that they need and when you do so in a credible, trustworthy manner.

If you can, present the information visually. Infographics and videos are a great way to communicate online, as these can be viewed on the go. They also help people understand complex ideas without taking up too much of their time. Adapting your website to people’s viewing and browsing habits will make you a natural choice over more laborious reads.

3. Engagement – How People Respond

The reason you’re making an effort to present your brand in a certain way is so that you will be remembered. Sustained engagement occurs only when something is memorable to a person; visitors to a website will comment on your posts or share it with their network if the content is thought-provoking or exciting in some way.

Your website’s health is determined by the amount of visitor activity on your pages. It is important to track which posts do well in terms of reaching audiences so that you can help meet people’s needs better.


It is the task of web designers to make websites that people can relate to. However, infusing personality is not a magic wand; it will not solve all of a brand’s marketing concerns. A website that has a clear brand personality will definitely attract more curious visitors than one that is generic and promises nothing new.

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