Kemp Load Balancing Benefits

In a hybrid or cloud-only environment, clients can either use the built-in load balancing feature of Azure or a third-party load balancing solution from the Azure Marketplace.

KEMP integrates an ADC (Application Delivery Controller) called LoadMaster. LoadMaster provides a range of solutions for optimizing and securing cloud workloads.

As we will explore throughout this article, using it has a number of benefits. Find out more by reading on.

A Breakdown of Load Balancing

Currently, websites with high traffic rates must handle millions of requests simultaneously from clients and users and be able to output images, text, application data, or videos efficiently and reliably.

Adding more servers is the most cost-effective way to meet these needs.

A Kemp load balancer acts as a traffic cop. The service sits at the front of the website’s servers and routes requests to all the servers that can handle them.

In doing so, it ensures that no server is overworked, causing performance degradation.

Algorithms For Load Balancing

Load balancing can be achieved through a variety of algorithms, and each algorithm has its own benefits. What method you choose depends on your requirements.

Hashing – Distributes requests based on a key defined by the user, such as the URL or IP address of the client. Additionally, NGINX Plus is able to apply a hash that consistently reduces load redistribution if the upstream of the servers, which is set, changes.

The requests will be distributed among the entire group of servers in a round-robin fashion.

The request will be sent to the server with the fewest active connections and the fastest response time. We only support NGINX Plus.

Kemp Security Series 2020 – Part 4: LoadMaster and SIEM Log Analysis - Load  Balancers

The server with the fewest connections to clients receives the new request. We will determine which server has the fewest connections based on its computing capacity.

Client IP addresses are used to determine which server should receive the request.

Visit this page to learn more about load balancing algorithms.

KEMP Loadmaster’s Benefits

KEMP LoadMaster ESP (Edge Security Pack) offers your website a number of security features, including single sign-on, the ability to assign permitted groups, and preauthentication. In addition, you can configure ESP to allow certain virtual directories and URLs to be published via LoadMaster.

Due to Azure Active Directory Domain Services , AD can be extended to your virtual network, making it possible for LoadMaster to directly authenticate users. This will enable seamless application access and single sign-on for several apps published with LoadMaster.

You can use this service to deliver cloud applications on-premises, familiarly.

You can acquire Layer 7 ADC functionality that is more advanced for your apps withtionally, the LoadMaster provides advanced app health checks, a comprehensive algorithm list, hosting for multiple tenants, and high availability.