Roster Software Features That Improve Employee Performance

Roster software provides many benefits to businesses that rely on efficient roster scheduling, providing quicker and more targeted rostering, reliable and adequate staffing across all shifts and better communication between management and your shift workers. Utilising the many features of a quality roster scheduling software package can also improve the performance of the employees which in turn improves customer satisfaction and increases sales.


Advanced employee roster software such as Humanforce allows clock on and off functions which sync automatically with rosters and payroll. Payslips can be automatically generated and emailed to each employee. Studies show that when staff are confident that they will be compensated accurately for the work they do, productivity increases.

Roster Visibility

Advanced roster software apps simplify the publishing of staff rosters and also allows shift workers some input into their shift. Giving shift workers easy visibility of the roster via the app dashboard shows them that they are being listened to and included in decision making. This generates more positive attitudes to the company and subsequently improves workplace performance.

Communication Between Employees

Group chats can be created for teams and sub-teams allowing targeted messaging between staff members. Shift workers can send out requests for others to cover their shifts or notify the group that they are available to cover. This function also allows your management team to keep track of staff absenteeism and reliability. Your workplace will function better when you are aware of gaps in the workforce that can be filled before other staff become overworked.

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Enhanced Communication Between Management And Staff 

Mobile engagement touch-points allow management to reach out to employees for chats, messaging and on-boarding. Team news such as birthdays or group lunches can be sent simultaneously, allowing all employees to feel included and important.  Staff can also reach out to their manager one on one with any issues they have, whether they need to send sick notes or want to ask for more shifts. Seamless communication across the workplace is a key factor to a productive workforce.

Matching Staff With Requirements

Employee performance is greatly improved when each shift is adequately covered including with the right speciality staff. A feature of Humanforce roster software is matching specific requirements with employee lists. The software will also monitor licences and ticketing for renewals. Your staff will perform better knowing that they are not expected to perform tasks they are not trained to do and customer demand can be met.

Workforce Analytics

Measure and track your staff engagement and performance by store location, shift times, days of the week or more. Your roster software automatically collects all the data you need and generates reports on the parameters that make sense for your workplace. This helps focus on training those that need help and recognising those that are performing exceptionally well.

Humanforce roster software offers all these features and more, providing you with an easy to use platform that will help manage your shift work staff, while improving their performance and increasing productivity.