SEO & Web Design – Why Optimising Your Web Design Matters

SEO & Web Design – Why Optimising Your Web Design Matters

Most of today’s search engines in general, like Google, Bing, and Baidu are all about content. Gone are the times where you can rank your website while ignoring the quality of your content. Numerous SEO agencies and experts have been trying hard to optimise their web pages to please the search engine algorithm instead of focusing on the users’ needs. It is an important value that a web page needs to be created and designed to be readable and understandable for users using techniques in SEO and user-interface design.

Besides content development, creating a well-designed page is also one important principle for optimisation.

Design VS Optimisation

A good web designer that does not know SEO will provide the groundwork for a typical website project that includes:

  • Excellent visual design
  • Clear and concise words that are appropriately toned for the target market
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Helpful user interface
  • Rich web content

How many customers see and read your website content? What is the guarantee rate that your audience can see the products or services that you are trying to sell? Will your clients become aware of the services that you will offer?

SEO plays a factor in answering these types of questions. SEO services can provide you with a route for your target market to find your website, so they will know what you can offer them.

Shady tactics and black hats should be avoided in your optimisation strategy.

Strategies to Watch Out For

SEO website design experts and web admins must likewise bear in mind that there are types of search engine techniques that won’t turn out quite well if you implement them. One infamous example of bad SEO technique is what we called blackhats and other ‘dirty’ techniques to bolster a website’s ranking can trigger the online search engine to penalise the site. Blackhats and shady SEO tactics will promise immediate and too-good-to-be-true results.

Blackhat technique simply means, getting your website page to rank by violating the search engine’s terms of service. We can easily look at this as ‘cheating.’ A few examples of these blackhat methods are buying links, sneaky redirects, and even reporting your competitor.

They will often find the easiest way out of the problem rather than analyse them and form a sound strategy and approach. A reputable SEO agency that provides a natural SEO method should be every webmaster’s go-to for SEO solutions and avoid the shady, blackhat technique. It won’t do anything in the excellent run.

An SEO service that incorporates in-house web design can save you more.

Web Designers on SEO Technique

When it pertains to web design in SEO, so many remarkable designers and helpful techniques are available. These techniques often range in form of knowing the principle in creating effective website design such as user-interface design, easy-to-navigate pages, flash and animation, creating a responsive web strategy, etc. Most website designers are extremely innovative and have a strong imaginative background. They can utilise their artistic and technical skills in the web design field to produce excellent website designs that are assured to stand out from your site visitors.

Sadly, there is one major point that the majority of internet designers are missing out on. Most web designers are not accustomed to the concepts and execution of SEO techniques. Even if a professional designer contends at least some basics of SEO principles, most do not bother applying search engine optimisation techniques right into their designs. In easy words, web designers would simply lack the proficiency and knowledge to execute SEO technical tasks. In fact, many ignore that SEO and web design actually go hand-in-hand.

You can reap more web traffic online to your website using SEO techniques on your web design plan/project.

Characteristics Of A Good Website Design That Uses SEO Technique

While the idea of combining website design and SEO practice might seem like a trivial detail for some, it can be the root of some major problems. No matter how eye-catching your website is, if a web crawler does not index it, the website traffic it obtains is most likely to be marginal and the minimum that it can achieve with SEO. You will have to hire an SEO expert or hire a local SEO vendor to fix your site when you understand this. As a result, you might wind up paying double for something that needs to have been done the first time around. Luckily, most local SEO agencies in Singapore often include in-house web designers to save you from trouble. Whether you are a web designer or someone getting ready to employ an internet designer, here are three characteristics of quality SEO website design:

Usability: As a basic guideline, if the design of a website makes it easy for your human site visitors to navigate, it will also be relatively very easy for internet search engine robots to access it, crawl and also index your website, which makes your site user/SEO friendly. By designing with usability in mind, you can be confident that your site visitors and the online search engine will undoubtedly be satisfied with your website even if you don’t have a budget to hire a professional SEO agency or specialist.

Quality content: As said earlier, the balance of design and content plays a major role. When we say content, it’s not just about keywords. After all, SEO is not just the technique for placing keywords perfectly in a single article/content post, although it may very well help. Quality content is about producing sound content that answers your audience questions or provides solutions to their needs, content that engages and keeps the reader going until they read the last period.

Your design should be accompanied by sound content that addresses what your target’s problems are. How you can provide the answer/s to their most search problems is one effective way to employ a powerful SEO approach without being too technical.