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Should You Have A Blog For Your Website?

not about doing things to follow others. There must be a valid justification for investing in this project because it has been noted that the most common thing after the creation of a blog, is the abandonment of it due to lack of planning. The same people who at first rushed to set up the blog now wonder, why spend money on something that, apparently, does not give me any benefit? It would not make sense, but it turns out that the blog does have benefits for your website, which involves its SEO and its web positioning, but many are not taking advantage of it as one Dallas SEO Expert indicated!

Consider the Necessity of a Blog

Your website needs a blog, but not because your competition has it too. Once you figure out why and what you need it for, you will discover the advantages for SEO and search engine positioning of your website as well as the level of conversion of users into clients. Again, this is not about a randomly created blog or a disorganized blog, but one that meets certain objectives below.

Importance of the Blog in your SEO and Web Positioning

Why is it said that the blog positively affects SEO and the positioning of a web page? The key lies in looking for the perfect keywords and creating content, taking into account the words or phrases that are used as search criteria in engines such as Google. Most likely you know that Google, or any other Internet search engine, shows the results according to the parameters that are established for the search, based on the matches that exist in the content. It is also adjusted to a specific location.

Scope of Your Website

What happens when you don’t have a blog? The scope of your website, at the SEO and web positioning level, is limited only to what you originally planned when you developed the website. You don’t give your website users the opportunity to find you by other keywords that would now interest them and that even appear in the search engine.

The Value Proposition

Most likely, a website that only exposes its value proposition without creating frequently updated and fresh content will not appear in the first positions of organic searches. It is not that your value proposition is unattractive but, when creating that value proposition at the time that you are creating your website, you limit those texts to people who are looking to satisfy the need at that moment, and do not consider those who in the future may be interested. With the content of the blog, you can educate and then convert.


Remember that there is a tendency to integrate the content of your website and the blog in social networks to gain traffic, but it is unlikely that someone will enter your website if the content is only focused on your business. This is where the blog is key to your marketing strategy. Your blog is key to attracting a large number of users to your website and starting the first phase of your conversion funnel: achieving the visibility of your website in front of your potential clients. Therefore, you would need to create a blog so you can complement your website, but there is much planning to do first.