Sports Broadcasting Business in Thailand

Sports Broadcasting Business in Thailand

Sports broadcasting means the live coverage of a sports event in various media such as television, radio, and the internet. After the revolution in high-speed internet and social media, the number of platforms to access sports has grown rapidly. Since the start of the last decade, the demand for personalized media has grown. People living in different time zones will engage in sports in different media at different times. For example, a person living in Central Asia might not be able to watch a UEFA Champions League game at midnight because he has to go to work the next morning. Therefore, he might turn to watch a recorded stream or highlights on Twitter during his lunch break. Broadcasters must understand this complexity and produce diverse ranges of content to cater to these types of audiences.

Traditional broadcasting can be hard to enter because it requires a high initial investment. Similarly, sports broadcasting requires the coordination of many different people and equipment. Furthermore, after the outbreak of the coronavirus last year, there is a need for a new type of broadcasting method. Sports are being played behind closed doors and there is minimal travel allowance for on-site production. Therefore, we are seeing a shift in how sports events are covered. Over the top (OTT) is a widely adopted technology that facilitates the distribution of live television through the Internet. This means such content can be viewed on many different types of devices. 

The Promises in Thailand

Thailand is a great place to have a sports broadcasting business. Sport is a big thing in Thailand. Thai people watch many different types of sports like football, basketball, mixed martial arts (MMA), motorsports, badminton, rugby, etc. Among these, football is the most popular one. English Premier League, the top football league in England is the most-watched football league in the world and about 40% of these viewers come from Asia. Thai investments in popular football teams such as Leicester City have contributed to the increase in football fandom.

It is estimated that over 20 million households watch television in Thailand. Likewise, penetration of cable and satellite TV has increased greatly in the last few years. Most importantly, there has been a shift in how Thai people watch their favorite sports. 

Since cable TV has low flexibility and supports only a specific type of device, people are turning to the Internet. Online streaming sites can be viewed from anywhere on any device. These providers stream contents of the highest quality for a very reasonable price. 

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If you are thinking of owning a sports broadcasting or streaming business in Thailand, it can be a rewarding decision. If you can understand the changing landscape of TV viewing among Thai people, you can build a profitable business. However, the competition is not going to go away. Streaming services like beIN Sports are big in Thailand because of their diversity of content and reasonable price. 

Buy and Sell Sports Streaming Business With a Reliable Platform 

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