The 9 Best Brands On TikTok Right Now

The 9 Best Brands On TikTok Right Now

Tik Tok may be the new kid on the block, but it’s certainly one that cannot be ignored. The users’ statistics of Tik Tok have proved beyond doubt that it’s not only for the Gen-Z as is popularly believed.

While the youth (18 to 24) do make up for over 40 per cent of its active users, there’s a substantial chunk of the user base above 30, making it a juicy target for many popular brands.

Going by the number of popular brands on Tik Tok already enjoying a massive following, it is safe to say that the trend of using Tik Tok as a cohesive part of a marketing strategy is here to stay.

So, which popular brands are on Tik Tok already? Let’s check out –

1:) NBA

The NBA’s Tik Tok is all about showing the lighter side of the organization to the public. Whether it is players working out, dancing, or answering fans’ questions, NBA’s Tik Tok account is highly active.

It plays a huge role in the image marketing of the NBA as a brand by providing curious fans with a sneak peek into the players’ lives behind the doors. And, who wants to miss that, right?

The idea here is to make the brand more relatable to the audience by showing the players’ lighter, funnier, and humane side.

If you can read between the lines, there’s a hidden marketing principle here: Make your brand resonate with your target audience!

2:) Washington Post

One of the incredibly popular news brands on Tik Tok is the Washington Post. It continues to amuse and inform its users through peppy, catchy, simple, highly engaging content.

There are tons of comedic skits on the Washington Post’s account that have its users laughing their guts out.

It does say a lot about the brand that otherwise means ‘serious business’ but doesn’t mind having a comical alter ego on Tik Tok, a strategy many brands seem to be taking bits and pieces from.

3:) Vivo

The smartphone giant Vivo is a fairly new brand to get on Tik Tok but has grown tremendously since it first joined. The company has crafted super-niched marketing campaigns on Tik Tok, combining Tik Tok Ads and organic marketing efforts.

There’s a ton of informative, funny tips & tricks and other such content on its channel that aligns with the interests of its target audience.

Along with the great content, Vivo wins because of its engaging and trending campaigns, giveaways, challenges, contests, funny content, and consistency.

Why consistency? Because you can’t really post one video a week or two and expect numbers (followers) to soar.

4:) Pepsi

One of the brands that took Tik Tok by storm is Pepsi, especially with their Pepsi Challenge. The Pepsi Challenge campaign garnered millions of views, reactions, shares, and likes and has helped the brand exponentially in spreading its message.

Pepsi’s easy-on-eyes, catchy, and appealing videos have helped grow its followers sharply, giving many of its competitors a tough time catching up.

5:) World Health Organization (WHO)

This name might surprise you, but yes, WHO is on Tik Tok and rightly so. Considering the past couple of years being engulfed by pandemic and public health messages, WHO joined Tik Tok to help spread its message across all age groups. And it worked!

WHO has nearly 3 million followers, and it continues to grow with time, especially with its frequent challenges, viral user-submitted videos, and more.

Spreading the message across the globe wasn’t this easy, and WHO proves it every time it publishes a new post.

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6:) Prada

This brand doesn’t need any introduction, and just like their unique fashion appeal, theme, and style, the posts on Prada’s Tik Tok account are charming, thematic, and aesthetically appealing. It aligns with the brand’s focus of aiming for quality over quantity.

Standing out in the fashion world is essential to get into the spotlight, and Prada does it so well on Tik Tok that you need to see it to believe it.

If you want to create a similar themed Tik Tok strategy, hiring Tik Tok Marketing Agency is crucial to success.

7:) BMW

The marketing imagery shared by the creative and PR team at BMW on Tik Tok is cutting-edge and one of its kind, giving users a sneak peek into the brand’s behind-the-scenes events.

The content published by BMW is so engaging that even with just over 300,000 followers, its posts manage to get over 3 to 10 million views.

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8:) Chipotle

Chipotle has cracked the code of winning on Tik Tok by making content that users fall in love with. And, thanks to the looping video format of Tik Tok, you just won’t be able to get enough of these Boorito, Dance, and other creative challenges hosted by Chipotle.

Chipotle’s fun and authentic video content, including user-submitted content, recipes, and more, has helped Chipotle get more engaging users, boost customers’ loyalty, and improve sales.

9:) Gucci

Gucci leaves no stone unturned in using all that Tik Tok has to offer to promote its new collections, showcase glamorous videos of its brand ambassadors, behind-the-scenes videos, manufacturing video clips, etc.

Like many of its competitors on Tik Tok, Gucci ensures its content tells its brand story in an appealing, engaging way to captivate the audience, boost brand loyalty, and trigger sales.


The fact that some of the most popular brands are on Tik Tok says a lot about this platform’s effectiveness, reach, and popularity.

However, when you watch closely, you’ll notice a pattern, strategy, and linear or creatively non-linear trends followed by these brands to impress the users.

How Is This Made Possible

The answer is using the expertise of a Tik Tok Marketing Agency.

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Still not convinced? Know that Tik Tok is where your competitors are today, and any delay in getting started on Tik Tok will prove to be expensive and give your competitors the leeway they’re looking for.