The A-Z of WordPress Image Gallery

If we think of the 90s, the concept of creating one’s blogging site, dealing in online stores, carrying an ecommerce business, and creating a website was not in the picture. But after the hit of a new era when WordPress was launched in 2003 everything got revolutionized. The fantastic features of WordPress made it easy to perform the activities and interesting attracting more users. Thus, converting the nightmare of building a website into a playful work of art and creation. 

Know more about WordPress

At its core, WordPress is the most popular and straightforward way of creating a website or blog. In addition, because of the massive ecosystem of themes and plugins, developers can create any type of site they want to use in WordPress. Thus, helping a huge number of businesses and creators in building their income source on the internet. Things that one can create using WordPress include:

  • Portfolios
  • Business site
  • Blogs
  • eCommerce shop
  • Social Network
  • Resume
  • Forums, etc. 

Learn about the WordPress Image Gallery plugin and choose the best one

To add the awe figure to your website, nothing works best than visual elements. It increases the viewing experience for the users, and according to the study, they make the users remember content for a long time. 

This is why you need a WordPress image gallery. Depending on your needs and performance, both free and paid versions of the WordPress gallery plugin are available. However, before diving into the list of best plugins, you can use, first let us discuss the things to keep in mind when searching for one:

Features: Do you want a grid system in your image or a slideshow option instead? Next, do you want a single image or a video or audio gallery along with it? Also, will you require an ecommerce integration? These are the famous feature every image gallery at WordPress contains.  

Speed: Keep in mind by adding too many images on your site will affect the loading speed of your website. So, make sure to get a lightweight plugin to compensate for the site speed as you upload more pictures. 

Price: Another factor is price. While many freemium versions are available in the gallery plugin, you will probably have to upgrade your pack to access top features. Thus, do not forget to check the feature pack with pricing. 

Usability: No doubt having a plugin packed with features is excellent, but it may not be easy to operate as it seems. Some are designed for developers’ use only as they are tech-savvy require knowledge of the field. 

While there are tons of plugins available in WordPress, people often mess it up in choosing the right one. As a result, their site slows down, and they use a lot of their regular visitors. Do not let this happen, and consider the following list of best WordPress gallery plugins:

  • Modula: It provides all its gallery settings in tabs. So, you can choose lightbox, theme, gallery style and other settings easily. 
  • FooGallery: It takes a simpler approach than any other in the list and looks much like WordPress. In addition, it makes it easy to attach a photo gallery and gives access to 6 responsive image gallery templates.  
  • NextGen Gallery: It is a little different than others and greatly helpful for beginners. However, it may take time to understand. 
  • Envira Gallery: It follows and adheres to WordPress standards and delivers an interface the blends seamlessly. Thus, creating a simple and beginner-friendly gallery. 

Select best image optimizer for better development


Many developers use WordPress image optimizers to deliver great images on their site to improve overall performance. It is necessary for delivering high-quality images in the smallest size possible. Thus, modifying the dimension, format, resolution, and size of the image. Some of the best image optimizers for the purpose are:

  • Smush: This is best for resizing images no matter the format (GIF, PMG, JPEG, etc.)
  • Imagify: It helps to speed up the site by reducing image size with no compromise in quality. 
  • SiteGround Optimizer: It enables you to perform bulk optimization of the old image. 
  • Wp-optimize: This is more of a cleaner plugin that deletes cached images, compresses large-sized pictures, and cleans the database. 

Best Portfolio Image for grabbing the attention

A perfect portfolio site is one that showcases the best services, skills, and personal details attractively. But this is not everyone’s cup of tea; one must take many things into consideration. Moreover, the design should be unique and eye-catchy. This is where the importance of selecting the best portfolio images comes into place. Some of them are:

  • Divi: This one help developer focus on the main goal of the site by providing a relevant theme. 
  • Oshine: These are specifically made for photographers and creators, providing a medium of top portfolio building. Here one can access settings like overlays, section gutters and columns. 

Final thought

If a developer wants to ensure that the site never loses its regular visit, they need to make sure it is attractive and fast. This is where WordPress plugins come to importance. Refer to the above information for making the right choice and building a smooth platform.