The Fundamentals of Kitchen and Bath Business Networking

The Fundamentals of Kitchen and Bath Business Networking

Some of the professionals that understand how it all works will refer to it as kitchen networking, while others will refer to it as bath networking. However, any way you slice it, if you are the owner of a kitchen and bath business it is important to use the art of networking to build clientele and keep up with the competition.

Networking in General

Most of us are familiar with the basics of networking. When somebody is searching for great business resources the first thing they will probably do is ask around. For example, if a guy named Pete that you meet at a networking function provides business coaching or business financing is fresh in your mind, when somebody asks you if you know anyone that can help them you would be able to put them in contact with Pete.

It goes both ways. If you were telling Pete about your kitchen and bath remodeling business and one of his friends was looking for a contractor to remodel their kitchen he could point them in your direction.

Of course, this is a simple illustration of how networking in business works. Depending on how far you want your business to reach and the amount of growth that you would like to see happen is how much energy you should put into your networking affairs.

When it comes to the kitchen and bath business realm there are many options that you have available. Remember, don’t be afraid to blaze your own trails and create your own paths. There are tons of ways to put a positive shine on yourself, and your business if you put your mind to it.

Joining Business Networking Groups or Clubs

There are tons of business networking groups and clubs out there that are pretty easy to join. Some of these groups will want you to pay a monthly or yearly fee to be involved, while others are completely free.

In many cases, these networking functions will have some sort of entertainment factor that helps to encourage as many people to join as possible. From fancy dinners at classy hotels to cocktail mixers in upbeat bars, creative networkers get together and provide an optimal space for business-minded people to get together and mingle.

Some of the fashionable ways that business professionals network are:

  • Fancy dinners
  • Catered cruises
  • Dances
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Auctions

Whatever your style is and the types of events you like to attend, you can be sure that there are networking groups that do them and that they would like for you to join them.

Joining Social Media Groups for Business Networking

Social media has changed the way that the world operates on many levels. There are tons of platforms available that allow businesses and individuals to create accounts and connect with other people with like interests and goals.

While there are widely known social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook there are also private platforms that want members to pay a fee to have access to their feeds.

In any event, due to the way that COVID-19 forced millions of people to stay at home and figure out ways to do business from their desktops there are even more platforms that business owners can join and mingle with other business owners, or people that are interested in business.

The way that social media is becoming the new normal way for people to interact with each other from anywhere on the planet provides a whole new level of connection potential for businesses and organizations.

Joining several online networking groups can be extremely beneficial for many reasons:

  • Global connections
  • Convenient meetings
  • No travel costs
  • Safer contact
  • Staying connected

In addition to online conversation boards, there are also a plethora of instant video conferencing platforms that allow people to have a face-to-face look at each other and even hold business meetings.

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • GoTo
  • Adobe Meeting Room

Although it is a bit difficult to get into meaningful one-on-one conversations during an online Zoom meeting there is a chat function that can allow for side conversations.

In any event, the possibilities are endless with the online tools that are available to the people that want to use them.

Some of these platforms will allow business owners to post pictures and updates of their latest projects and allow for conversations about the projects, while others will merely be a live camera feed where multiple people are logged in and can all see each other’s faces, projects, or whatever.

Professional Business Networking Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Comments and private messages are key factors when it comes to communication and potential networking opportunities. If you are creative in your endeavors, you can find great ways to connect with other people and build relationships without ever having to come into contact with anybody.

Not All Conversations Are About Business

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of being strictly about business when they go to a networking event. Although networking is a strategy to help build the business, when mingling with other people, it is not appropriate to pin them down and tell them all about your business.

Networking has the potential to help business professionals find contacts and create long-lasting relationships that provide much more than just a one-time customer. People come to these types of functions from all around the world so it is important to remember that relationships with like-minded people are more important than sales.

If you meet 10 different people from 10 different places and cultivate those relationships you have the potential to gain long-lasting clients from each of these people. You can gain even more clients from each of the clients that you gain…and so on.

When out networking and mingling remember to have fun and enjoy your experience while you create new friends and build new bridges.

Kitchen and Bath Networking

One of the great things about the kitchen and bath market is that just about every home in the United States has at least one kitchen and bathroom. It is almost certain that a fair percentage of the people who own homes that have kitchens and bathrooms are considering upgrading their kitchens or remodeling their bathrooms.

There are expos that spotlight various businesses and their services. Many of these expos take place on county fairgrounds or other large areas where there are tons of people meandering about. Homeowners and property managers tend to frequent places that showcase the work of different types of contractors and service providers.

There are times when you network to connect with other business owners, and there are times when you network to meet up with your target market. When you network to meet your market, be prepared to answer questions and show yourself as being the better choice than anybody else out there.

A typical expo that allows businesses to showcase their work will consist of a table with an example, or two of their best work. Make the best out of these examples.

Some businesses will post pictures of their work while others will create exhibits that show people real examples of their expertise. Depending on the rules of the venue and the amount of space that you have you can push the limits of what you have available to you so you can stand out.

  • Posters
  • Mini bathroom and kitchens
  • Real-life sinks or partial bathrooms
  • Photo albums
  • Digital displays

Be sure to supply more than plenty of business cards, brochures, and other marketing material that lets people know who you are and how to contact you.

Show Genuine Value

In reality, wherever you go is an opportunity for networking. You never know who you are standing in line next to, waiting in traffic by, passing by in a mall, or anywhere else. You can easily show genuine value by the way you treat other people and present yourself wherever you go. Some people like to strike up conversations while waiting in line at the grocery store while others like to pay for the person’s coffee behind them in a drive-through. In any event, a good reputation is hard to beat when people are looking for a reliable solution for their kitchen and bath needs.