The Most Critical Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Office

The Most Critical Factors You Need to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Office

The serviced office could well be one of the most brilliant alternatives to the traditional office lease, and it’s a solution that has already benefitted numerous businesses, especially those who are just starting but would like to have a space they could call their own – without the hassles, of course. The thing about serviced offices is that they can be a flexible workspace for a small team, and they offer businesses an opportunity to have their own place without being restricted by a long-term lease. Terms are often negotiable, and it can come with plenty of add-ons such as reception services, business services, meeting room and conference room rental, and 24-hour security plus cleaning and maintenance in common areas. But when you have decided to go for the serviced office solution, it pays to choose wiszly. Here, then, are the most critical factors you need to consider when choosing a serviced office.

Check out the Resources Offered

Some definite features separate a serviced office from a mere office space rental agreement, and one of them is the cost. But another feature that makes it a better option is the resources offered. You would do well to carefully assess the resources offered by the serviced office provider, especially in regard to the broadband and communications facilities. You need to make sure that the office’s servers are able to handle whatever business activities you may have, especially if a big portion of your business relies on e-commerce.

Assess the Terms

Serviced office providers are committed to giving you exactly what you require – there’s no doubt about that. But you should also closely assess the terms and conditions that come with the serviced office lease and make sure they adhere to your budget and requirements. The resources should also be compatible with what you need, whether you need an occasional meeting room, a mailbox, or a reception service. The best serviced office facilities are flexible and allow you to make certain changes when necessary.

Think of the Best Location

Once you have already established your needs – both technical and practical – it’s time to ascertain the location. The location of the serviced office should contribute to your brand and image rather than detract from it. A prime location, right in the midst of things, could be central to your business’ success, so don’t underestimate the location’s appeal and accessibility. The great thing about serviced offices is that they are often located in key areas, such as office space to rent in Manchester, which gives you the chance to be at the centre of things and gives your customers a better impression of your business.

The Costs of the Initial Setup

You may already be aware of the fixed costs that come with the space every month, but you should also consider the costs of the initial setup. You should ask whether there are any charges for the use of a kitchen area or maintenance services. All these should be confirmed with you upfront so you know exactly what to expect. One excellent advantage that comes with a serviced office, however, is that they don’t often come with any setup fees, and you may not have to contend with installation expenses unless you need special equipment.