Thinking of Starting Your E-Commerce Store? Here are 10 SaaS tools That Every E-Commerce Store Should Consider

The retail space is continually evolving and getting competitive by the day. Over the years customers have rapidly shifted to online shopping. With new developments in technology, e-commerce stores now don’t even have to wait through campaigns and launch times. SaaS tools are now providing more power to e-commerce stores helping them design shopping experiences without having to invest the huge amounts and money and time. These SaaS tools are offering cloud-based delivery methods and so much more flexibility. Here are the top 10-worthy-of-your-investment SaaS solutions you should certainly consider if you are planning to launch your e-commerce store:


It is one of the most popular and powerful SaaS tool used by e-commerce stores. It is rich in features, very scalable, offering solutions for various niches and also doesn’t require much technical expertise. It is quite easy to set up a store using shopify and it comes with several premium as well as free to use themes and features. The platform is also easy to connect to many third-party services.


Shipping can be one of the most complicated yet crucial aspects for your e-commerce store. It offers a great interface and supports next-day delivery, as well as international shipping with speedy shipping and easy tracking, eliminating the need for manual work. Even if you don’t have your own shipping staff or warehouse, Shipstation has you covered.


Segmentify, an award-winning five-star rated software, is a great marketing automation software which helps boost sales by enhancing customer experience by personalizing it. The price starts at 149 pounds a month which might seem a little steep but is totally worth the investment. It recommends to customers, product which are more suited to them and helps you run multiple campaigns.


Although is it free, Canva offers a professional level image-editing, easy to use interface. The drag and drop option is its most distinguishing feature. Speak of boosting your marketing it is a great tool for creating graphics for social media, as well as for flyers etc.


This five star rated SaaS tool is all-in-one solution providing competitor analysis. On a daily basis, you get emails which give you information about what your customers are offering so that you can stay abreats of the market trends.


Good Content is what attracts new customers. Buzzsumo is one such marketing automation software which provides competitor analysis, helps search for specific topics, find popular articles, and finally come up with good ideas for your post.


Quite a unique tool, ThankBot brings delight to your customers by sending them hand written notes for making a purchase. It is a great tool for building and nurturing customer relationships through a personalized touch. Not only does it create a lasting impression on your customer but also sets you apart from the competition.


It is a very easy to use tool that comes in handy for inventory management as well to create multiple listings. You can use this tool for listing, shipping as well as syncing via multiple channels. It is suitable for all merchant sizes, offers great customer service and can be used by non-tech people as well.


 If you are thinking SEO, think Moz. It is one of the most useful SaaS tools for all your SEO needs including link building, tracking them, improving your local listings, keyword ranking, link and keyword opportunities etc. If you want to scale up your e-commerce store, Moz can provide very good analytics.


In any business, customer service is a very important factor. Zendesk can handle all your customer service needs right from live chats, self-service apps and also provides integrated call center software.

As Daniel Townsend puts it – “This is all representing a shift in approach, ‘Agile Commerce’, that brands are taking in order to keep pace with rapidly evolving customer needs.” SaaS tools have provided good riddance of the time consuming set up processes which is now just about a few clicks. Additionally they offer several core functionalities and help take away the burden of updates and maintenance costs. SaaS tools are offering reliable, stable and fast ecommerce solutions which translate as better experience for the user as well as the e-tailer.