Three Free Tools To Track Website Ranking

Tracking your rank is important to observe the progress of your organic and paid SEO campaigns. By following what keywords you’re ranking for and wherever your web site is positioned with keywords you wish it to rank for, you’ll with efficiency assign additional selling resources to its keyword.

The Problem With Free Web Site Rankings Hunter Apps

If you’re in a very niche of your own and watching solely one or two of keywords, employing a free rank hunter may well be the correct approach. However, we tend to doubt that you’re solely planning to follow watching five keywords or less, as an example.

You will shortly wish to expand the number of keywords you’re trailing, be able to track changes on an additional frequent basis, get ranking reports for a whole week for your organization (or your clients), and acquire a bunch of alternative options that area unit solely offered on paid tools.

Going down the free route could be a sensible plan within the starting. However, you’ll notice that paid rank trackers won’t break the bank.

Seo LocalRank

Se oLocalRank includes a free rank hunter that you just will use to observe your keyword positions.

The great factor concerning this tool is that it conjointly comes with an associate SEO metrics instrument to see out alternative things concerning your web site, like page speed insights. However, it will associate with its limitations.

Once you produce an associate account, you’ll take it to the dashboard wherever you’ll input your website’s domain. Click on “Add your 1st keyword” to begin the training method.

Seo Powersuite Rank Hunter

You’ll then get an associate email from SEO PowerSuite. Open “Create 1st project.” You’ll be taken to a page wherever you’ll transfer an effort of their software package.

You can choose the search engines you wish to use to trace your keyword rankings. They even have custom tools for you to use to administer you a position in native SEO. Or you can also contact a growth hacking agency that can help you with SEO PowerSuite.

It will currently take you to a dashboard wherever you’ll track all of your ranking activity.

You can even do keyword analysis and competition analysis on the platform itself. We tend to just like the SEO Power Suite, not as a result of it’s free, however owing to the number of labor you’ll do with it. It offers another to have to use different applications for various tasks, and it’s UI is pretty intuitive even for advanced users.

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Traffic Travis

This tool is another application that you just will transfer that provides many alternative options, like the SEO PowerSuite application.

This will take you to a wizard wherever you’ll input your keywords and your domain address. Their area unit some of the program locations that you will use, and it does not just limit itself to Google.

After you save the project, it provides it a couple of moments to run, and it’ll provide you with the rankings of your keywords. We tend to found that if you are ranking faraway from one hundred within the search results, it will not provide you with your actual rank.

You Can Notice Their Rank Hunter Within The Seo Tab.

It conjointly includes a host of alternative options similar to SEO PowerSuite.

And, as per usual, you can’t save reports unless you get the skilled version. This tool is powerful if you wish to run a couple of keywords. They are doing not have a version for the mackintosh.


Tracking your rankings is crucial if you wish to measure the expansion of your company.

At the identical time, your rank hunter can even provide you with unjust data once it involves Google updates that area unit striking your keywords or competitors obtaining the favorable position, specifically campaigns.

This offers you the leeway to regulate your selling efforts effectively and do one thing concerning it.

As you grow up and expand your business, you’ll wish to stay track of additional and additional keywords as a result of it’s alive; however, you’re doing in alternative “environments.”

Say, for instance, you have got a business that’s all concerning pets; you may wish to rank for “dog food,” however that doesn’t mean you don’t wish to rank for “pet toys,” either.

I advise that you just still withdraw and acquire yourself a paid ranking tool once your budget permits it. Once you’re 1st beginning, the free versions of web site rankings tools will positively provide you with a position, however as you’re taking your growth to ensure a level, therefore ought to your tools.