Tips to Boost Your Law Firm’s SEO Rankings with The Help of Google Analytics

Tips to Boost Your Law Firm’s SEO Rankings with The Help of Google Analytics

When it comes to measuring your digital marketing results using useful and actionable data, Google Analytics is a must.

When making improvements to the SEO, it is important to understand how the visitors are doing. Where were they from? What pages landed they on? What keywords work best in Ad words? Does the speed of your website affect your visitor’s time on site?

Google Analytics lets you catch your stats, and more. Thanks to this tool you can boost your SEO results, and soon your rankings.

Sometimes question arises in our mind that:

  • Does Google Analytics Help SEO?

And answer is, yes. And the reason if given below:

Google Analytics provides valuable data that can be used by your company to track (and enhance) SEO success from keywords to organic web analysis.

  • Explore 4 ways to use Google Analytics to optimize your rankings.

In this article we will show you SEO for Attorneys in simple ways with Google Analytics to improve your SEO rankings.

1.Try the Acquisition feature:

This section helps you to get your website to find sources that people used to. Just go to the “acquisition” section and then go to “All traffic”. It tells you what specific sources people use.

For example, here you can find how peoples are engaging with your website and how accessing your website. In this case, you can find out which source is generating high traffic, unique visitors, sessions, bounce rate, conversions etc. After analyzing all of these key elements you can create an strategy to expand your SEO campaign and get the dominant position in SERP for your targeted keywords.

2 . Dig into Ad words reports:

If you run Ad Words campaigns, you will find out which keywords people are using to locate you or your products and refine them accordingly. Go to the “Acquisition” portion, followed by “Ad Words” and “Keywords.” Also, if you notice that searchers click on a certain category of keywords through your ad, you can create content on a blog related to this topic to rank organically for these keywords.

3 .Optimize you’re landing pages:

To find the features on your landing page, go to “Acquisition,” then “Search Engine Optimization” and “Landing page.”

This section gives a clear overview of where your visitors will land through targeted web pages on your website. This can allow you to know if your visitors land on ROI-oriented posts or on your product / service pages first. And, if a landing page doesn’t get the juice you’d expect, you can introduce internal ties or social media tactics to improve their rankings.

4 .Check your performance on site:

The page speed or pace of the engine affects your user experience, and so on your SEO because Google considers it a ranking factor. Google Analytics provides an overview of the pace output on your website. Go to “Engine Speed” then “Pace Suggestion.”

In Google Analytics, you can use the “Page Speed” feature to see which web pages need to improve speed of their sites. Clicking on the “Site Speed Suggestions” button will guide you to “Page Speed Insight,” a Google tool that helps you maximize your site speed. In the “Page Timing” section, you can access data comparing output of your webpages.

“Increase your SEO performance and achievement with better and more interaction  with daily customer .”

Are you ready to start harnessing the SEO power that Google Analytics holds?

“In all the SEO data analysis, don’t forget to immerse yourself in your ideal customer’s mind. A close understanding of your customer will create truly powerful insights from your data.

“When you view more and more data, you became more familiar with those customers who use our website.”

None of your time spent analyzing Google Analytics is worth it if you don’t make regular website and SEO changes and improvements.”


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