Turning Your Customer Experience Center into a Multipurpose Technology Powerhouse

Turning Your Customer Experience Center into a Multipurpose Technology Powerhouse

Leading companies are increasingly choosing to demonstrate their value to customers with dedicated Customer Experience Centers. A Customer Experience Center is almost always a unique design that fits the brand, but they typically consist of a range of different audiovisual setups including digital and interactive signage, large screens, or video walls. In the best experience centers, these are essentially ‘satellite features’ that center around the real pièce de resistance: a breathtaking immersive experience.

A Customer Experience Center (CXC) will use an immersive experience to show a range of digital stories and other digital assets. This relies on powerful digital storytelling software working behind the scenes to serve the right content at the right time, and for a range of potential screen configurations.

Immersive customer experience centers leverage digital storytelling to take the customer on a journey through the company’s products, services, and impacts. Such experiences are infinitely more engaging and memorable than a regular meeting or sales pitch. They also enable the customer to really interact with the company on a personal level – this has a measurably positive influence on deal sizes and decreases the length of the sales cycle.

The greatest advantage of a Customer Experience Center, however, is that it gives companies the ability to craft brand experiences exactly the way they want them.

The entire immersive environment is fully controlled, and messaging can be customized to specific audiences. Running the whole show is usually a powerful piece of digital storytelling software. This software is perhaps the most important part, because it makes possible a wider range of applications using the same basic hardware.

The Importance Of Digital Storytelling Software

The importance of digital storytelling software cannot be understated: it’s essential for getting the best return on investment.

Digital storytelling software enables the customer experience to be customized, fresh, and relevant. If a certain customer operates in a particular sector, then the digital storytelling software can be used to serve only relevant messaging that resonates with their situation and is triggering for them. With enterprise-grade digital storytelling software, a company can even make real-time changes to the content being shown. This enables direct interactivity with the brand which helps create a more engaging experience with deeper connections.

Immersive experiences are often used in Customer Experience Centers because they have a unique ability to grab the attention of the audience, by putting them at the center of the action. When immersive experiences are equipped with interactive technologies, this effect is multiplied yet further.

Participants in an immersive customer experience center can fully immerse themselves and interact with the brand, its values, and digital stories. They can navigate their way through a variety of content and digital stories, and create their own brand journey. However, not all Customer Experiences use a dedicated immersive room – nor is it necessary to gain the attention of visiting customers.

As already discussed, large screens or video walls are also often used – as are digital signage. Provided all these technologies are running on sufficiently powerful digital storytelling software, your Customer Experience Center can become a multipurpose access point for your brand. They can also help you to extend your message to wider audiences with hybrid events or in the metaverse.

How to Extend the End-use of a Customer Experience Center Even Further

There are numerous ways that the application of your Customer Experience Center (CXC) can be extended to cover a wider breadth of end-uses.

Let’s look at a few possible ways that the same CXC technology can be used to extract even more value:


Briefing Center – Using the attention-grabbing capabilities of the large interactive screens, your Customer Experience Center can also be used as a briefing center. Internal and partner meetings can become much more engaging, spurring greater creativity and collaboration. This can also be shared with remote attendees as a hybrid briefing center.

Hybrid events – If your setup uses the Hyro Storytelling Software, then it is possible to use your Customer Experience Center as a venue for hybrid events. This professional digital storytelling software has the capability of managing the complexity of hybrid events, and the multiple streams of content involved. In-person participants can communicate and interact with remote attendees using the screens or digital signage.

Exploring the metaverse – The metaverse promises to play a greater role in business over the coming years. However, the use of VR goggles has never gained traction. Immersive spaces are a much better fit for business use of the metaverse, and these technologies are the perfect testing ground as companies find ways of extracting value from this new paradigm.

Virtual meeting room – You can host virtual meetings that can include people from around the globe. If these meetings take place within the metaverse, then these can become much more streamlined and ‘natural’ feeling compared to regular Zoom conference calls.

Extracting More Value with the Same Hardware and Digital Assets

With professional digital storytelling software, the same hardware and digital assets can be redeployed, customized, and updated for myriad end-uses. This greatly multiplies the return on investment.

Customer Experience Centers are a unique asset in the brand portfolio – they give audiences compelling experiences and strong memories, yet they can be flexible too. This flexibility makes it possible to include new value propositions or products as they emerge, and address urgent new trends.

Leading companies invest in Customer Experience Centers because they offer an incredible return on investment. However, they certainly don’t come cheap so it’s vital to use them to the maximum of their ability.

With enterprise-grade digital storytelling software, these stunning venues can become multipurpose tools that continue to deliver value in new ways. The immersive technologies used in the best CXCs are becoming increasingly relevant in many areas of business, across almost every sector. It is vital, therefore, that companies engage actively with immersive technologies and explore new ways of using their hardware.

As hybrid working and virtual immersive experiences become a more common feature of global collaboration, it makes good sense to ensure that your company is fully aware of the possibilities, and that it uses immersive technologies to experiment with, and refine their virtual capabilities.