What to Do After Your Market Research? Pro Tips

What to Do After Your Market Research? Pro Tips

Setting up a business presents so many challenges, from nurturing the initial idea, to pitching to potential clients, to owning a fully-fledged successful business. For those who are inexperienced in setting up such a company, taking the next steps along the way can be confusing, but taking a pitching course or getting advice from experienced business owners could get your company off the ground.

Now, you’ve done your market research and have a good idea about who would be interested in your product or service – so what next?

Looking for Your First Client

Obtaining your first client or customer is a significant achievement, and often the most challenging part is getting over that first hurdle. The best way to get a foot in the door somewhere is to put yourself and your business out there, tell people about it online and maybe even phone round to prospective clients to see if they would be interested. To improve brand awareness, consider setting up some Facebook or Google ads to get an excellent online presence and hopefully, some leads.

Preparing for Your First Meeting

Pitching to a client isn’t as simple as walking in and having a conversation; it’s a skill that needs to be honed and a routine that needs to be rehearsed and perfected. Attending a pitching course can help improve these skills and therefore your chances of attaining a client, and it would be hugely helpful to get some tips from someone who is well-practised in this area.

You might be feeling nervous before your first meeting and don’t worry; this is entirely normal! Calm your nerves by practising your pitch several times, and even try it on your friends or family to see what they think.

Delivering Your Presentation

Within your piece, make sure you clearly explain the product or service you are offering and the benefit it will have for your client. It’s essential to be specific about why the client should choose you over everyone else that they will be speaking to, so describing why your product is unique will improve the value in the client’s eyes. During the pitch, your manner should be friendly and confident, another skill that can be refined on a pitching course.

Don’t Just Leave It There

In the days and weeks following your pitch, be sure to follow up with a kind message thanking the client for their time and offering more time/inviting them to ask further questions to show your willingness to help. A message the day after your pitch and then again a week later should be enough to show the client that you want to work together without being too pushy.

Once you have completed your first few pitches, you will hopefully have gained your first client! While you may not win the business every time, don’t be disheartened as it may not be a reflection on your product – but be sure to continue practising your pitch so that you learn techniques to help you win more business.