What You Need To Know About Custom Printed Gummed Tape

Custom tape is a very popular packaging tape options for ecommerce and retail companies. This might be due to the fact that the largest ecommerce company, Amazon started to seal their boxed packages with this tape. Not many people were using this kind of packaging tape as it is quite complicated to apply. This is due to the fact that the adhesive on the tape is not yet activated. It would need to be put into contact with water for the adhesive to be sticky.

Advantages of kraft paper tape

There are many advantages that come with the use of gummed tape. Aside from the fact that it is difficult to apply, it can be a better option as compared to the more standard packaging tape found on the market. This is because once gummed tape is stuck on a box, it binds well onto the surface. Polypropylene is the most commonly found tape since it is affordable and gets most jobs done quite easily. It is a great option for many companies but as the world is going towards greener solutions, boxes are being made out of more and more recycled products. That is where polypropylene becomes a least likely choice since the more a box is recycled, the harder time it will have to stick well onto it. Gummed tape will never have this problem since it binds to any kind of box no matter how recycled.

Gummed Tape Better for the Environment

There are generally four kinds of custom printed packaging tape solutions out there. Polypropylene, as mentioned above is made out of a kind of plastic. This is also the case for two other ones: PVC and acrylic. Gummed tape is not made out of any kind of plastic. The film is simply composed of paper and the adhesive is fabricated of natural ingredients. Gummed paper tape can be left on the box to be recycled all together. There will not be a need to remove the tape from the box since it is all made of paper. When you would like to customize the tape with a logo or a message, it can be done quite easily on gummed tape. Since it only comes in one color, the only thing to think about is the colors and the messages brands would like to convey. Something else to note is the colors picked to be printed on gummed tape would have to be slightly modified to make sure it works on the brown it is being printed on.