When is Too Late to Hire a Coupa Consultant?

When is Too Late to Hire a Coupa Consultant?

If you are anything else like the millions of other business owners that have contemplated hiring a Coupa consultant you probably already know that the Coupa platform is not only huge but very sophisticated. Some of the powerful features that Coupa has to offer have the potential to bring a company to the highest level of efficiency they could ever imagine.

With that being said, there is no better time than the present to take action on getting a consultant to show you the ropes around your investment so that you and the rest of the company can take full advantage of all of the perks that the software has to offer.

The Time Is Now

If you are concerned about the possibility of hiring a consultant becoming too late in the game to happen, it is the best time to move forward and get the ball rolling. If you have any doubts or reservations about the way that your implementation is going, you should listen to your gut, and here is why.

Administration is Key

So…yes…when you set up your software to be ready for use you can always go back and fix any issues that you could have made in the beginning. However, this is time-consuming and could already be cutting into your profits. Once you set an action into motion it takes a lot more energy to stop it and change it than it does to put it into action the right way in the first place.

The very beginning stages of the software implementation are crucial because they are the foundation that your application is going to stand on while it is working for your business. If the foundation has issues, the entire structure will be faulty.

To get the very most out of every transaction that goes into or out of the business each step has to be carefully considered and weighed out to see the best options for each phase in the process.

If the initial administration is done correctly, although there may be changes in the future, the core of the software will be right where you need it to be and the entire journey will be smooth and efficient.

Vendor and Contract Management

One of the most important components to the success of a business is the source of the goods and services that they use in order to keep business flowing. In the beginning stages of the source-to-pay process, when a company finds the best sources that are available to them for their needs they have an advantage over other companies because everything that they need to succeed is right at their fingertips.

Of course, this part of the cycle does not always go flawlessly, as many business owners already know. Some of the snags that companies run into are:

  • Unreliable vendors
  • Short supply of goods
  • Price hikes
  • Contract expiration

The Coupa platform can be programmed to automate many of the source-to-pay steps for multiple vendors and situations.

The truth is that most people that do not understand the way that the platform works will miss out on the extra components that it has to offer before they even have a chance to get them to work.

At the beginning of the sourcing phase of the process, the sources of goods and services can be picked up and held under contract for certain prices for goods or services bought under specific conditions. For example, a vendor can offer a lower price if the goods are paid for before a certain amount of time or are bought at a larger capacity.

Without explaining the entire phase, we can assess that most vendors are solidified through stipulations written up in a contract. These contracts will all have a certain level of detail within them that differentiate them from other vendors, and they will also be equipped with an expiration date.

Where a skilled consultant can come in and make the entire process as streamlined as possible is to initiate search parameters for the business that is specific to its own needs and budget limitations.

While procurement professionals understand how the procurement system works for a particular business, a Coupa consultant will understand procurement on a level that is relevant to the software and can implement a program for the software to follow that will give the most benefit to the business.

  • Locate and acquire vendors
  • Manage contracts
  • Enforce contract stipulations
  • Remind and renew contracts

Some of the most robust features of the program can only be taught by a person that understands them. If the company implements the Coupa platform without a guide to help them through the setup they are in danger of losing a large chunk of their investment.

Too Early or Too Late

It is never too early or too late to hire a consultant to help with a Copupa implementation. It is better to have a consultant from the beginning of the journey, even before the purchase is made, and have them help all the way through than to hire one after you realize you need help.

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The only time it is too late to hire the consultant is after you have exhausted all of your resources and your company is sinking below the turning point where it can ever come back up again. If you have not hit that part yet, you are still good to go.

The Coupa platform is smart enough to help you through the basic steps and basic installation procedures, but for the deeper ways of the platform that you don’t quite understand, it is much easier and much better to have an expert lead you through the phases, then help you to teach the rest of the company the ins and outs of the platform.

The Coupa company will not allow you to go it all alone because they offer spectacular customer service and bring value to all of their clients, however, they will always recommend a certified and skilled consultant to help the business get the most out of their investment.

Procurement Knowledge

Of course, it helps if the person you are working with understands how the entire procurement procedure works. This is where the skilled consultant makes a huge difference. You can’t just pick any consultant and expect them to be as epic as your business. Make sure that you choose a consultant that understands the procurement strategy and knows the best ways to make it work out as beneficial for the company as it possibly can.

Most of the certified Coupa consultant professionals that are working in the field are experts in both procurement and Coupa implementation, but make sure that the one you pick is associated as a Coupa affiliate and not some imposter.


Any brand new technology that is a little more complicated than one is used to will take a moment or two to get used to. It is to be expected that a learning curve will accompany a brand new Coupa implementation. The good news is that there is help available and there can be so much to learn as you go through the journey of your Coupa installation. Just do yourself a favor, and get help before you realize you need it.