7 Quick Tips For Creating Awesome Social Media Videos

7 Quick Tips For Creating Awesome Social Media Videos

Introduction: Social media videos are used by many brands, and are the best marketing strategy at present. Social media videos help in creating engaging content that clears the communication between the brands and the customers. The Social Media video marketing strategy is very useful and delivers brand awareness in a much better way than written content. All the top brands are using social media platforms to market their product and videos play an important part in this.

Every brand is on social media, and through these videos, they can increase their followers and hence elevate their sales. Engaging videos will help the brand in increasing its user base, it is evident that a lot of customers engage with a brand through social media videos. These videos can be shared easily and have the potential for engaging the customers with the brand. We should know how to edit a video online and then you are all set to go.

7 Tips for Creating Awesome Social Media Videos

Here are some tips that will help create social media videos. These basic 7 tips will kickstart the video creation journey for anyone.

  1. Planning and Strategy: Before starting any work, a properly planned strategy is very helpful. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and strategize your videos before shooting them. Create a blueprint of all the details such as video shooting location, script, all the necessary characters, and the genre of the video. Always think of the objective of social media videos, the reason for which the video is created is necessary and helpful in executing and planning the video properly. The business goal should be kept in mind while creating any social media videos, and the video should align with the business goal of the organization.
  2. Video Duration Should be Short: The length of the videos should be short and should convey the message quickly. Long videos do not engage the users and no one is interested in watching a lengthy video. Therefore, short and precise videos are best for social media. Videos that are short and descriptive are interesting for the audience and draw their attention quickly as compared to lengthy videos. If you can provide all the necessary information quickly, then there’s a high chance that the audience will watch the videos. Social media videos should be generally between 15-30 seconds in duration.
  3. Provide Subtitles for the Videos: Subtitles are necessary for any video, videos with words are easy to understand and are very engaging. Therefore add subtitles for better efficiency. Some videos are created for a region or a particular country, the language could be different for the users. Therefore, subtitles in the videos, can cover a global market and connect with people all over the world. People who are hard of hearing will also feel comfortable and will easily understand the videos with subtitles. Anyone can expand the horizon of their social media videos globally by investing in subtitles.
  4. Use Better Equipment: If you are investing in social media video marketing, then you need to use better equipment. Pieces of equipment like cameras, lights, and other shooting tools should be used in creating awesome social media photos. You can use an additional external microscope to create videos. It is necessary because it captures the audio and is audible to the followers and users. You can create high-quality videos with a better camera and it will produce good results. Customers love to watch good-quality videos and have a real-time experience while watching.
  5. The Video Should be Supported by All Social Media Platforms: There are a lot of social media channels, and video marketing helps if you can capture the audience from all the platforms. Every social media platforms have different formats and sizes for its video. Some even have restrictions on the length of the video. So, it is necessary to optimize the video in different formats and to use them accordingly. Instagram and Facebook are some of the most commonly used social media platforms, and the videos should be optimized for both of these channels.
  6. Do not Deviate from the Story: The users will be only interested in a video if it provides a clear meaning and doesn’t extend outside the boundary of its story. Sticking to the story makes it engaging and is loved by all social media users. The video should tell a story and give a very clear message, it should deliver the emotion that the users might feel connected to. To increase the brand users and create awareness, the users need to relate to the story told by any brand through their social media videos.
  7. Use Call-toAction: After the completion of the video or before the starting of the video, a call-to-action should be available for the users who are interested in the video or the product available in the video. The users should know where and with whom should they connect to establish their relationship with the brand. The users should know what to do next after the video is done, and that is where the brand could establish a connection with the users and derive their focus on the main goal.

7 Tips To Create Awesome Video Content For Social Media - Jonathan Pollinger | Social Media Trainer

Why Should Social Media Videos be Used

There are many reasons to create social media videos. One reason is to just increase the followers and gain a maximum number of views. The other reason might be to establish a brand and perform its marketing through social media videos. In this age of fast-paced web scrolling, no one has the time to read long articles and that’s where social media videos come into play. These videos are engaging and keep the users connected to the brand. The brand must include social media videos in the marketing of its products and services. Social media video marketing produces better results and should be used by every brand for its promotions. The brand can reach out to social media influencers and include them in their videos, this will also help in engaging with the followers of that particular influencer.


Social media video marketing is a very effective technique used in the marketing of products and services. The brand should create engaging and short-spanned videos to connect with the users and grab their attention towards their products. This article provides all the information and 7 tips on how to use create awesome social media videos. The article explains that the videos should be crisp and should provide a clear message to the audience. It is necessary to use basic equipment for filming the best high-quality videos. Adding subtitles to the video helps in making it more efficient and user-friendly, as it could be understood by people all around the world. Planning and strategy is the basic requirement for creating any video, a properly planned video helps in generating better results than an unplanned one. Keep all the important tricks mentioned in this article in mind and create awesome videos for your brands.