A Decisive Approach To Accountability For Businesses

A Decisive Approach To Accountability For Businesses

When considering the values that make up both a professional organization and a professional employee, accountability stands above the rest. Any aspiring professional will only go as far as their accountability takes them. Similarly, any organization hoping to have extended success will have to be made up of the most accountable individuals, at all levels. A sense of accountability is what allows employees to produce higher levels of productivity, which in turn contributes to the overarching bottom line of their organization. Throughout this post, the impact of accountability across individuals and organizations will be broken down in detail.

Beginning with some of the higher levels of an organization, managers are responsible for inspiring a sense of accountability in their employees. For many managers, according to the findings of recent research, this is not an easy task. About four in five managers believe they have little to no effectiveness in ensuring their staff hold themselves accountable. In a professional hierarchy, should employees be expected to keep themselves accountable without the proper guidance from their managers? Of course accountability is a personal trait, but without the right leader, it can be challenging for employees to become inspired.

This is why leading by example is so important. Any member sitting atop an organization’s hierarchy must set the bar high in regards to accountability for the sake of inspiring all employees. Meaning at all levels of the hierarchy, the moment a mistake is made, the individual should confidently admit their mistake and take steps towards a working solution for the issue. An open communication policy is what allows all levels of an organization to learn from the mistakes made and hopefully avoid making them again.

An organization founded on accountability keeps the trait in mind when establishing goals and expectations. This means that the moment an employee is brought on for whatever role, they must understand the expectations and how their contributions impact their organization. Which is made much easier when organizations and their executives are able to openly communicate with all levels of the organization. The best work environment for both success and a healthy work-life balance begins with communication and accountability.

Despite how easy it may seem, crafting a company culture founded on anything is going to be an immense challenge for organizations. Of course, with the right employees, coupled with executives capable of enabling these employees, any organization can turn around for the better. Easier said than done, of course. If your organization is currently facing an accountability crisis, it might be worth taking a moment to review the infographic paired alongside this post. Within it, you’ll find additional information on how even the most disorganized organization can transform for the better. Infographic courtesy of Minute7.