Benefits Of Investing In Cryptocurrency Through SMSF In Australia

The popularity of this newly discovered digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency, is exponentially increasing. Earlier, people used to invest in shares and stocks, but now a large pool of people is moving towards investing in crypto.

As Australia is one of the countries where your crypto investments are subjected to capital gains tax, it is essential to be aware of the best possible methods to invest in cryptocurrency.

Many methods exist to invest in cryptocurrency, but the ideal one is to Invest in crypto through your SMSF. Self-managed super funds (SMSF) are used to save money for your later years or your retirement.

As they are self-managed, there is more clarity and transparency than other funds. According to the Australian Tax Office, people with SMSFs get all the legal benefits and hefty gains. Below are some of the excellent benefits of investing in crypto through SMSFs.

Provides Better Control Over Your Retirement

With rising inflation, we must save more and more for the future. Retirement saving is typical, but with so many ways of investing for the future, it takes time to choose the best one. You can invest in crypto through your SMSF to gain direct access to and control your investments.

The Australian Tax Office gradually supports SMSFs because they are safe and allow the owner to make quick decisions. In SMSF, when you retire, you get multiple options for receiving your invested money. You can get the total amount together or access the retirement income stream. It provides not only security but also strong support from SMSF providers.

Provides Low Concessional Tax Rate

Taxes have been one of the biggest roadblocks for people generating income. Even though taxes are legal and should be paid by everyone, we still look for ways to reduce them. A part of your earring gets deducted from the net amount, and it does feel bad.

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In these self-managed funds, the concessional tax rate is much lower than other tax rates. It is one of the most significant benefits of SMSFs. Australia’s current concessional tax rate is 15%, which is a fair deal in taxation.

As the Australian government provides ample opportunities to leverage the benefits of using SMSFs for investing, it would be wise to go with the SMSF for better returns and a better tax rate.

Opportunity To Collect Varied Assets

As mentioned above, funds allow you to invest in varied assets like shares and property. Surprisingly, self-managed super funds offer more opportunities to invest in varied assets. You can collect art pieces, antiques, property, commodities such as gold, and other assets in this list.

Australian investors extensively use this benefit as it gives you direct control over what assets you want to include in your funds. By adding these collectibles to your fund, it grows exponentially and gives you better returns too.

Holding these assets together with the help of self-managed funds offers much flexibility in your investment decisions.


These are some excellent benefits of investing in cryptocurrency through an SMSF. As an Australian investor, choosing self-managed funds for better regulation and direct access would bring higher gains and more security at retirement. The points mentioned above ensure that these funds are not only flexible but also completely safe.