Can A Medical Alert Bracelet Help You Save Your Life?

Have you ever thought about using a medical alert bracelet? Such devices are becoming popular among the elderly who are at a higher risk of falling in the house or otherwise getting themselves injured. The Center For Disease Control released a report that indicates that women are at a 67% risk of incurring an injury that is nonfatal compared to men are. Although men are at a much greater chance of dying from a fall than women, elderly women are a lot more likely to incur a broken bone during a fall because they usually suffer from osteoporosis. Such a fall can render a person immobile and hence does not even make a phone call for emergency assistance.

There reports state that back in the year 2004, 85% of the deaths related to falling were incurred by people aging 75 years and above. When an individual of such an age incurs a serious fall it is far more likely that they will be spending a year or even more in a specialized care facility as they recuperate. Although it can be quite tempting to limit their activity during this phase of life in order to keep the risk of injury to a minimum, it is still crucial to stay fit and active. Due to such disturbing stats, it is easier to see why people above the age of 65, specially more than 75 are highly recommended to make use of a medical alert system bracelet.

The prime reason why the best medical alert system is recommended is due to the fact that the risk of incurring a long-term injury is not as great when medical assistance can be received in a relatively short span of time. A quick treatment could point towards a short recovery time and fewer long-term ailments. When you use elderly alarm devices, you can call for help the moment you fall and incur an injury.

Otherwise, you perhaps find yourself unable to get to your phone and will be incapacitated until someone finds you in such a situation. Once the emergency/panic button on the wireless transmitter has been pressed, a member of the monitoring service will get in touch with you. If the situation is deemed necessary they will send an ambulance, otherwise, they will try calling your family member.

Besides the fact that wearing a medical alarm bracelet keeps you safe, secure while you are at home all by yourself, it also provides you with comforting peace of mind.