How Can You Properly Refresh Your Business Website This Year? Your Top Questions Answered

How Can You Properly Refresh Your Business Website This Year? Your Top Questions Answered

There will be times in your website’s life that it needs a change, and refreshing your website may be one of the best things you can do for it on a regular basis. There may also be some obvious signs for when your website could benefit from an update or upgrade, such as when your loading speed is too slow or if your conversions are too low. It may also be time for an update if your site has a high bounce rate – if your visitors don’t go beyond your home page, there could be some particular reason why they are not staying. If you have a low ranking on search engines, this is another good reason to refresh your site. But how can you properly refresh your business website this year? Here, your top questions are answered.

Tell Them a Story

You do have plenty of options in terms of refreshing your site, but one of the best would be to tell them a story. What does this mean? It simply means using a story or coming up with a story to take your visitors on a special journey and let them know how you can truly help them if they do business with you. Your visitors and viewers should be the ‘heroes’ of your story, while your business will serve as their ‘guide’ to help them on their way.

Make Less use of Stock Photography

Another way through which you can refresh your site is to make less use of stock photography. Nowadays, there is a lot more emphasis on the personal touch, and your website visitors won’t want to interact with a generic face – they want to see someone real. Images and photos of real individuals can improve confidence in your business and it can also help with conversions. Show your visitors the people behind your company – replace stock photographs with authentic, real, and relevant photographs. This also helps build transparency and trust. If you want, you can show visitors the members of your team, photos of your business premises or offices, and even how your products are actually made, as the experts and specialists from Expre suggest.

Focus on a Minimalist Design

Minimalist design has become a huge hit in this day and age, and you can see it in almost everything nowadays – from mobile phone designs to other designs for the home and office. You should take advantage of this trend and focus on a minimalist design for your own site. Make it a point to de-clutter your site and get rid of whatever doesn’t contribute to your message or bottom line. You can, for instance, make it easier for visitors to browse through your copy with the use of shorter paragraphs, headings, and simple bullet points. You can also decrease the ‘blocks’ that visitors have to see and instead go for big sections with a lot of space.

Make use of Conversational Forms

Here’s another thing you can do: make use of conversational forms. These forms let you have a genuine conversation with your site visitors, and it can get their attention as well. Another thing you can do is come up with a live chat feature so visitors can easily message you while they are already on your website.

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