How I Download Twitter Videos Without Using A Software And How You Can Do So?

Twitter is being used by millions of users to share short messages (tweets) and shorts videos and images. When you want to download video from Twitter, generally you need mobile applications or softwares like plugins and extensions. Firefox and Chrome have full of extensions and plugins that help people download Twitter videos. Many people don’t know that there are other ways simpler and more efficient to download Twitter video.  In this article, I am going to show you how I download twitter video using Saveting, an online web application, without needing to call any software, plugin or mobile apps.

There are many plugins and mobile apps that users use to save videos from Twitter.

Plugins and browsers extensions:

They are the piece of software that you need to install in your browser to add new functionalities. Sometimes you find them under the name of add-ons, in fact they are additional software that you install in your browser to have new specific functionality. If the add-ons are related to Twitter video download, this simply means you will be able to download video from twitter directly from your browser (Firefox, Chrome etc.).
The issues with plugins is they are not 100% secured. The browser itself is upgraded frequently for security issues, so the plugins should be upgraded from time to time to keep a certain level of security. But most plugins are not upgraded for a while, which may cause a security issue for your computer if not upgraded.

Mobile apps:

More than 90% of mobile apps are available on Apple Store or Google Play Store. There are some apps that help users download videos from twitter. The applications are good alternatives for video download, the only issue is they require disk space, RAM and CPU in your smartphone.  Another issue is they use lot of intrusive ads that many uses dislike.

Other softwares:

There are also many other softwares that you can install in your computer to download videos from twitter. The same issues with mobile apps and plugins will appear as security and ads are the main problems with softwares.

What are the alternatives to Softwares, mobile apps and plugins?

Online web apps are the new alternatives to softwares, mobile apps and plugins. In fact, there are some web applications that help users download video from Twitter without needing to install any application or software on their computer. Those are websites where you can paste your video URL and get back a download link to download and save your video. The web apps we are going to use in this article is Saveting. Saveting is a website that allows people to download video from Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube and many other website.

How I use Saveting for Instagram downloads?

Saveting requires only the URL of the Instagram post where the video is embedded. You simply need to paste the URL in Saveting input form and press the download button, Saveting will display all available download links and it is up to you to pick up one depending on the size or resolution of your preferred video.

Here are the steps I followed to download Instagram video without Software:

  • I open my Instagram post where the video is embedded and copy the URL
  • I go to and Paste the URL in the input form
  • I press the download button, the download page opens directly
  • I select one of the videos formats displayed and I Right Click on the download link in red for on, then I click “Save Link As” to save it in my computer
  • I change the name of the target file as sometime the default name is nonsense, then I save the file
  • I wait until the download is completed


As you can notice, the Instagram video download is done without using plugins or mobile apps. Just by using Saveting, I was able to download the video in my computer. The best thing is Saveting is free, I don’t need to pay something to use it. Also I could use it as many time as I could without any limitation.If you are video amateur or professional, try this web application and you won’t regret. I am sure you will uninstall any mobile apps or plugins you used before for download. Try Saveting and comeback here to give us your thoughts.