How The Best Hotel And Corporate Procurement Tool Helps Any Business In The Industry

The service industry that covers both hotels and hospitality is extremely competitive. Customer is king, so any businesses need to offer the very best to build a client base, allowing them to make a profit and remain a viable concern while offering a quality service.

It is not easy, in a sector where salaries are traditionally at the lower end for some employees, meaning that fine margins count on being able to make a good turnover and guarantee that wastages are kept to a minimum.

Many remain in somewhat of a time warp looking for the best way to control the finances and look after staff while getting in a mess and leaving far too many loopholes. There is no reason for any such business to struggle if they use a digital procurement tool produced by which offers the perfect solution to a multitude of issues.

  • The system that was formulated in 1999 allows for a secure and seamless operation right through hotel operations, corporate centres, and suppliers that bring them all under one umbrella to allow all to prosper. It’s easy to set up and allows suppliers to be added easily while saving time throughout many processes. The manual work that is needed to be put in without such software can lead to errors, and wasted time, which in turn costs money. It also allows for one or two people to have their finger on the pulse, wherever they are located.
  • It’s a fantastic concept, with the central catalogue storing details of a plethora of suppliers from where the best value can be sourced without the long process of scouring the internet or catalogues. All the vital updated information is available in an instant which makes ordering simple.
  • Budgets and strategic plans can be adhered to as the procurement system keeps all invoices digitally, which reduces the chances of errors, and eliminates the opportunities available to those who might deliberately lose paper records for their own benefit. Everything is stored safely and securely so the finances remain in good order and allow timely decision-making. It allows for a transparent unified approval workflow to always take place which offers the opportunity of maximum profit. It can also allow for time to look further into the importance of strategic decision making.
  • There can often be wastage when products are ordered at the wrong time, particularly where catering is concerned, leaving kitchens with either too little, or too much stock, some of which can easily pass its sell-by date, and needs to be thrown away. And there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to complete a recipe because a vital ingredient is missing. This is another way in which the procurement tool is a winner, as the data that has been input knows when it is time to reorder or not, again saving valuable money, and giving the business that implements it another little advantage over its competitors.
  • The information at hand also offers the opportunity of creating a more adventurous menu through the inventory feature, as there is no danger of running out of that special something that creates a dish. New suppliers that provide some of the ingredients that are not always offered by some mainstream merchants can be added to the system, thus assisting them as others who log in may also offer them future trade.
  • The software allows for flexibility and peace of mind cutting down on stress for those who manage it, as it works perfectly whether on a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There are no restrictions to location, meaning having to be sitting by a desk or phone all day. All business can be done on the go.

The 7 Key Steps of a Procurement Process

  • The hotel businesses using the procurement system can also benefit from far more than just food orders, as all kinds of items that are needed in the every day running on a successful venture are available, whether it be linen, fragrant soaps, right through to toilet rolls. Those little items can be often overlooked by some hotels but make all the difference when ensuring a happy stay for guests who are more likely to return to a professionally run concern.
  • The real-time pricing provides the best guide so that products are bought that fit into the business strategy, and with so many supplier options being available, it ensures that it is possible to stick to it. Setting up a personal approval rating can make the process even smoother.
  • Corporate hospitality is reliant on having an event fully staffed, even more so than an everyday hotel business, where those familiar can cover in the interim for shortages. For many in the corporate business, it can be a one-off opportunity to provide a brilliant service to create returning clients. The procurement provides securely stored data so that workers can be sourced to guarantee there is no shortfall through its contract management feature.
  • Having administrative tasks made easy allows for more time for informed decisions to be made, vital when an unexpected issue occasionally crops up. Data analysis is provided on a dashboard so there is no need to trawl through untidy paperwork and dredge files. It’s all there in an instant so that vital calls can be made correctly and promptly. Perhaps a visit to a hospitality trade fair may also connect with others to exchange ideas in the industry.
  • The App, available on iOS and Android, is convenient and offers the same features as on a computer or keyboard, allowing simple and convenient transactions to take place. The shopping cart can also be quickly modified and checked to reduce the risk of errors.

Having a simple-to-use procurement system saves both time and money as well as a lot of headaches as mistakes are cut to a minimum while profits are made. It allows for time to be spent on important decisions and keeps full control of stock and staffing as well as providing the best value for money in each sector.