How to Come Up With a List of Business Name Ideas

How to Come Up With a List of Business Name Ideas

Starting your own company doesn’t have to be stressful. You can approach each step with the utmost simplicity, especially when it comes to developing a name for your brand. To keep this step as simple as possible, it’s helpful to use a name generator service like a business name generator tool.

What Is a Name Generator Tool? 

A name generation tool is an online tool that can help if you need a little inspiration. The purpose of the tool is to provide users with name ideas for their businesses. You simply provide a few details about your business and the tool creates a list of business name ideas that you should consider using.

Why Is the Right Business Name So Important?

Elaine Clark, the owner of an accountancy business, knows all too well the importance of picking the right business name. The name of her company is Clark says, “It does what it says on the tin … Accountants hate it, Google searches love it, and I’ve never had to pay for SEO. It generates between 60 and 80 new client inquiries every month without any marketing or advertising spend.”

How Does a Name Generator Tool Work?

To use a name generator tool, all you have to do is provide at least two keywords that are relevant to your business idea. Then all you need to do is pick the industry category your business will operate out of. Take for example you want to open an interior design brand for residential homes. The industry category you would choose is interior design under the home decor category. Some of the relevant keywords you can provide the tool are:

  • Interior design
  • Home redesign
  • Home decorations
  • Home storage
  • Patterns and decorations

Here’s a list of business name ideas that the name generator tool creates when we use keywords “home decorations” and “interior design” as our relevant keywords for a brand operating out of the interior design industry category:

  • Home View
  • Decor Center
  • Home Kit
  • The Home Connection
  • Home Sync
  • Decorize
  • True Design
  • Decor Mode
  • Design Boost

See how easy it is to use a name generator tool to come up with a list of business name ideas! Here are a couple more tips for choosing the right name for your brand.

Be Reflective

The entire purpose of any business name is to be reflective of your actual company. Take for example that you have a business idea for a restaurant that will provide the friendliest and cheapest dining services in the local and surrounding areas. Reflective keywords to provide the name generator tool are “friendly,” “diner,” “cheap,” and “district.” Providing these reflective keywords to the generator tool and choosing the category ‘restaurants’ can really help come up with a catchy business name, like any of the following that the name generator tool created when inputting the keywords:

  • Friendly Now
  • The Cheap Club
  • Cheap Base
  • District Engine
  • Friendly Line
  • Diner Gram

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to come up with a list of business name ideas when you use a name generator tool. So, what are you waiting for?