Make The Most of Your Boating Holidays!

While you are planning on a boating holiday, there is some pre-planning you can do that will enable you to make the most of your vacation. Successful planning will help you have a successful and amazing holiday!

Plan Your Route

When you are preparing for your boating vacation, it is imperative that you pre-plan your routes you intend to travel. This includes researching all possible onshore activities, tips and tours. Make a list of all the possible activities and make every member of your family pick the ones they want to. This would ensure that everyone is upto something they like and stay happy.

Plan For Bad Weather

Bad weather is a big possibility while you are planning a boating holiday. You must have a plan B in case the weather gets rough, be it visiting indoor activities or malls. This will enable you to prevent possible cabin fever in any of your family members. It is quite horrible to get stuck on a boat, specially when the weather is bad. Moreover, allocate additional funds in your budget as you may require accommodation onshore in case of unfavorable weather conditions.

Plan Your Menus

While you are renting a boat for your boating vacation you need to inquire about the kitchen facilities available onboard. You will have to find out if the kitchen only has a stove top or an oven, and if there are any barbecue facilities or any other type of kitchen equipment available. You perhaps have to pack an extra whisk or a can opener so that you could easily facilitate in feeding your family. This will allow you to come up with a menu that can be cooked quite easily. Moreover, you may also consider installing a diesel stove on your canal boat so that you could enjoy preparing the meals on the boat.

Pack Sufficient First Aid Materials

A crucial part of the success of your boating vacation is to make sure that you have sufficient medical supplies with you. This includes; ointments, plasters, medication for stomach cramps, allergies, diarrhea, motion sickness, fever, and headaches. An unnecessary visit to a pharmacy perhaps put a damper on your holiday.

Onboard Entertainment

One other approach to make sure that you minimize the cabin fever is to make certain that you have as much as necessary onboard entertainment. Entertainment materials that you can pack along include; handheld gaming devices, card games, fishing gear, board games, portable DVD players and DVDs, magazines, books or even e-book readers. You better know what entertainment really suits your family best.