Quadriga Answers the Question – Are Wind and Biofuel Energy Bonds a Worthwhile Investment?

It seems like more and more investors are opting for ethical investments which offer fixed interest rates and sustainability, two factors that bonds on biofuel and wind farm projects offer. This is where an experienced asset management professional who can create a strategic asset management plan can be very useful. While ethical investments are a wise choice, they are still rather new and many investors are unfamiliar with the way these funds work.

In an email to clients, Quadriga’s head of portfolio management Alastair Irvine wrote, “we are seeing a shift, historically renewable energy projects have been dominated by small to medium sizes business. However, more recently, since 2016/2017, more and more large enterprises have entered this space as demand for wind energy has increased exponentially. This has caused much of the growth, and subsequent success, of the ethical investment sector.

The Potential Of Ethical Investments

Returns within our wind energy offerings start at 8.5% rising to 10.5% for the 5-year term. On the other hand, returns within our biofuel energy projects start at 12.6% rising to 13.7% for the 5-year term. Quadriga’s biofuel energy bond transform’s waste plastic (Polypropylene) into gasoline and other fuels. Our biofuel energy bond was only launched in 2017 and due to the sought-after nature of this specific service the rates on offer are some of the most competitive within the entire market.

All rates of returns offered are purely fixed, with compounded growth options offered to long term investors. Since the shift from medium to large businesses dominating this space, the risk to investors has significantly decreased. Companies such as Statkraft, Orsted and EDF are just a few names who are constructing wind energy farms capable of producing energy for 500,000 homes. Nonetheless, all investors should be aware that ethical investment bonds are not savings accounts and therefore a risk remains.

Renewable Energy Bonds For Long Term Income

One of Quadriga’s resident fund managers, Mikel Haarland, commented “Bonds on renewable energy power plants generally offer a balanced risk-return ratio – even if the issuing companies are small or medium-sized. The income for the electricity produced can usually be calculated over the long term. Over the last 6 years the interest from high-net worth and even institutional investors has increased exponentially which has led to investment within renewable energy bonds to almost triple year on year”.

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