Take Advantage of Moving Box Labels- Read These Seven Tips

Take Advantage of Moving Box Labels- Read These Seven Tips

Moving Box labels

Before actually discussing the topic, let us first see what is moving box labels.

Basically moving box labels stands for proper Packaging, Sealing, and labeling a moving box in such a logical sequence without allowing much time to pass between each of the packing actions.

The proper time so as to label a moving box is actually right after the cardboard container is packed and sealed. Moving box labels allows you to move right away by buying packing supplies so as to protect the goods while moving or shipping the goods from one destination to another.

When it comes to shifting of a house and packing all the stuff into small boxes, chances are that we might fall into some trap like every person who has ever moved. And actually, our professional movers will know where things go and get to keep our sanity intact.

Certain points to be kept in mind while moving box labels are as follows:

  • Develop a color-coding system
  • Use stickers that identify the destination of each box
  • Use waterproof markers and label each box on multiple sides
  • Label all sides of the boxes
  • Create a numbering system

Use of Movers Tape while Moving

Movers tape is also known as a gummed tape and paper tape which is made of white or natural color paper which is called kraft paper tape and starch-based adhesive. It is available as plain paper tape and it can also be purchased as reinforced fiberglass fibers.

Also one of the most crucial parts of moving is to keep the valuables well organized and well protected and thus the high quality of mover’s tape will help us in doing that. The tape supplies should be set according to the standard BOPP Film carton-sealing tape, heavy-duty packaging tape, strapping tape, and colored packing tape for moving the goods in the most organized fashion possible.

Specialty Tapes for Specific Moving needs:-

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  • Keep the duct available to repair boxes that get damaged along the way.
  • Use masking tape to secure the lids of toiletries.
  • Use electrical tape to attach hardware or cords to the items they belong to.
  • Use moving tape to secure the moving blankets in place and avoid slippage.

Packaging tubes

While moving from one place to another, the last thing that a person would want is to find that the household items are either broken or damaged in transit. The only way by which this can be avoided is by packing the items properly before dispatching them to the destination.

One of the prime determinants of a successful move is how anyone packs his/her belongings. If more than extra time is spent by any person while packing, either it is the furniture, electronic items, cutlery crockery, showpieces, and the clothes will reach their destination intact.

But if anyone chooses the wrong packing materials and rushes through the moving process, then they are bound to get badly damaged, often beyond the repair.

Mattress Box Moving

While transporting a mattress, the thing that is required to be kept in mind is that it should be carried on its side for ease of handling or a person should use professional moving straps. A person should use a light, breathable mattress bag or either cloth sheets to wrap the mattress. Heavy plastic can trap moisture which could probably damage the foamy mattress especially if the move will probably take longer than one day.

A mattress should be loaded in the truck and it should be kept flat. We should rather not let any other items rest on the top of the mattress.

How to repackage the Mattress Box?

Steps – Deflating the Memory Foam Mattress

  • Remove the Bedding. Now comes the fun of deflating the bed!
  • Put the Mattress in the Bag
  • Seal it Up
  • Vacuum the Air Out
  • Roll it Up
  • Strap It
  • Get the Right Size of Mattress Bag
  • Placing it Inside the Vehicle

Shipping Box Labels

A shipping label is a sticker on a package. As an e-commerce seller, a person could have ascertained how important a shipping label is?

Shipping labels are a crucial element of the supply chain. Thus one should have a good understanding of its value.

A shipping label sometimes also called a package label identifies many things about the package: its point of origin, its destination, its weight, the carrier’s name, etc. These labels are used by humans and their machine counterparts so as to understand where the package came from, where it needs to go and what stops it may have made along the way.

Without a clear shipping label, packages often get delayed when in transit, or sometimes get delivered to the wrong address or might get lost completely. Any of these scenarios may lead to either a financial loss or a loss of customer trust which makes the shipping label extremely important!

I have illustrated a shipping label example that highlights the various elements a person can see on a carrier’s label.

  • Name & Address of Sender, or return address, where it will go in case of non-delivery.
  • Recipient Name & Address, the package’s destination.
  • Weight of the Package, including the item being shipped and the box/packaging.
  • Unidirectional Code, or maxi code, designed to be read by a machine in any direction.
  • Postal Barcode, or Imp code, the recipient’s scan-able zip code.
  • Service Type, the method of shipping, i.e. Standard, Express, Priority, etc.
  • Routing Number ID, which informs sorting where to route the package.
  • Tracking Number ID, which customers can use to track the package online?