The Best Of Indian Cuisine That You Can Order Anytime.

If anyone has experienced Indian food, then they would certainly remember the exquisite taste of every dish. If you have heard about the food and want to try out any of the Indian restaurants in Brampton then there would be some confusion. The confusion would be about the Menu and what to order. As the language would be completely alien from the regular Menu items one might scratch their head and ask the waiter for more details. That is not a necessity if the individual can know about some of the best and most commonly ordered dishes in Indian cuisine. So, reserve a table now and confidently order from the dishes mentioned below.

Butter Chicken

This variety is served as a main course and involves a lot of spices, tomato along with other ingredients. The spicy nature of the ingredients is brought down with the use of butter making the curry rich in taste. The chicken is marinated for hours and the dish is cooked in “Tandoori” style making it an irresistible dish to put down. It tastes well with butter naan or any other bread offered in the Brampton Indian restaurant.


There are many types of biryani one could try out and there are even vegetarian options available as well. Generally, one can find vegetable biryani, corn biryani, paneer biryani, egg biryani, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, prawn biryani and crab biryani. Most Indian restaurants in Brampton serve biryani as it is the most favorite food item for most Indians. It is spicy, colorful and the rice blends wonderfully well with the other main ingredient whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is served as a main course as well.

Dal Makhani

The most loved vegetarian dish of Indian cuisine because of various ingredients involved. It is served as a main course and involves the use of black lentil, kidney beans, cream, butter, etc. The curry is delicious and is best with rich or any Indian bread.

South Indian Thali

Thali means a plate and food is served in it for the customers to savor. South Indian Thali is famous for the provision of many items at once in desirable quantities. Generally it includes starter, rice, sambar, rasam, curries, curd, papad, pickle and a sweet. This is the most traditional Indian serving as most Indians eat these varieties as a part of everyday living. A thali is common in any Brampton Indian restaurant and would give the individual a new taste with the combination of rice and every other item in offered in the plate.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori is a clay oven in which different items are prepared using a special cooking method. Tandoori Chicken is considered as an appetizer or main course based on the way it is served. The whole chicken can be served as a main course or chicken pieces are served as appetizers. The chicken is marinated with spices, mixed with yoghurt and is roasted using the clay oven.

These are the most common and popular dishes one could find in an Indian restaurant. They are tasty and would definitely quench the thirst of a food lover.