Solar Panels

The Top Advantages of Solar Panels for Your Home Today

Everyone has heard of renewable energy, and when we think of the term, we often picture solar panels. Solar panels are now widely seen in many countries, and the UK is, in fact, not far behind. Even though the country doesn’t see as much sun as other countries like, say, Australia, it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from solar energy. The thing with solar energy is that it is now more advanced, but more than this, you don’t need to have sunshiny days all year in order to benefit from a solar panel installation – it doesn’t work quite that way. As long as there is sufficient sunlight, your solar panels can produce solar energy. But why else should you seriously consider solar panels for your residence? Here are the top advantages of solar panels for your home today.

It’s a Great Source of Renewable Energy

There has been a lot of emphasis on sustainability and renewable energy in recent years, and rightly so. And one of the foremost advantages of solar energy is that it is a completely renewable source – which means that it will never run out. Unlike other energy sources that are already waning, solar energy can be harnessed every single day, and it will always be available.

It Can Decrease Your Electric Bills

Another important reason why more homeowners are going for solar panel installations is that it can decrease your electric bills. Since your energy needs will mostly be met by the installation that produces solar energy, you don’t have to worry about having high utility bills. Of course, the amount you save will depend on the size of your installation, but it’s a given that your electric bills will drop. More than this – if you have a surplus or extra energy, meaning energy you do not use, you can even receive a payment for the extra energy through the government scheme.

It’s Easy and Affordable to Maintain

Yet one more reason why more homeowners are opting for a solar panel installation is that it’s easy and affordable to maintain. All you have to do is keep the panels relatively free from dirt, and you can do this several times a year. Also, most manufacturers will offer warranties from 20 to 25 years. Since solar panel installations will have no moving components, you don’t have to deal with wear and tear, either. It’s only the inverter that may require changing after about five to ten years because it is constantly working. Aside from the inverter, you may also have to maintain the cables to make sure the system is as efficient as possible. You can even opt for in roof solar panels which don’t require extra racking or roof tiles underneath the solar panel array, making for easier repair and maintenance.

It Covers an Array of Applications and Uses

Here’s another fact about solar energy that not many people may know – you can use it for an array of applications, and its applications are diverse. For example, you can produce not just electricity through a photovoltaic system, but also heat through a solar thermal system. It’s entirely possible to harness solar energy to generate electricity in specific areas that are not connected to the grid, and it’s also possible to use solar energy to distil or purify water in areas without a clean water supply.