Three Overlooked Marketing Techniques That Could Still be Game Changers

Three Overlooked Marketing Techniques That Could Still be Game Changers

When it comes to making sales or gaining attention from your target markets, there’s always a degree of confusion about how it should be done. Most will say that it’s best to stick to the new modern methods of marketing; however, if you do this, you may still be missing out on a large chunk of potential customers. So, it’s a good idea to include some of the more “old school” approaches in your marketing strategies as well.

1. Promotional products

Using promotional tactics to either encourage sales or to prompt awareness still works immensely well. For instance, you could put a freebie promotional item in with customer orders as a thank you for their custom, or you could announce that a freebie will be given with all orders over a certain value. Either tactic typically works, but you’ll have to choose the items that you include very carefully. You’ll want to provide your customers with an item that they’ll use regularly, such as a calendar.

Investing in customized bulk calendar printing can be cheaper than you think, and you’ll be supplying your customers with something that they can use every day, and regardless of where they place it or when they look at it, they’ll be reminded of your business and the products that you supply to them, making it the ideal promotional product.

2. Radio Advertising

Investing in radio advertising is also still a very prominent method of drawing awareness of your business and your products or services and can therefore bring you more sales and interest. Just because you don’t listen to the radio yourself doesn’t mean to say that others follow suit.

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In fact, there are just as many radio listeners today as there have been in the last few decades. This is because many people listen to the radio in their cars while they’re commuting backward and forward to work or sometimes actually at work while carrying out their daily tasks. Some people even pay to listen to certain radio stations rather than opting to listen to free shows, and this underlines the fact that radio is still very much alive and well in some people’s lives.

3. Demonstrations at Local Shopping Malls

Everybody loves a bit of street theater, and there’s no better theater than a demonstration of products that are also for sale. Of course, this isn’t a tactic that’ll work for all businesses, as you’ll have to be selling a product for this to be a viable option.

However, you’ll have to get the necessary consent from either the store or the local authorities before setting up a demonstration. Otherwise, you may find that the street theater that the crowd is enjoying is far from pleasant for those carrying out the demonstration. On top of this, your business will be known for all of the wrong reasons rather than for the usefulness of your products.

Final Thoughts

The best way to go about marketing techniques is to use as many as you possibly can and not just stick to modern methods. This is simply because different people and age groups react in different ways to various media outlets. With a broad span of engagement, whether it’s radio, promotions, or personal demonstrations, you’re likely to attract as many of your potential customers as you possibly can.