Porsche Panamera

Three Things You Probably Don’t Know About The Porsche Panamera

I have recently entered a Good Life Competitions competition to be in with the chance of winning a Porsche Panamera. The well-known competition site have got three sports cars to giveaway in their upcoming competition but I definitely want to win the Porsche Panamera.

It Will Make You Feel Like it’s Flying

You can see, just from the outside, that the Porsche Panamera did not come to play! Its sleek look creates a streamline design which can increase its speeds at a fantastic rate. Fly through roads at a speed as high as 162 MPH and go from 0 to 60 MPH in a quick 6 seconds.

It’s Smooth as Butter

The Porsche Panamera V6 offers an incredibly smooth ride. The car has been intricately designed to think of everything, so you can enjoy a peaceful journey. In fact, within the car, wind, rain and other weather is nearly non-existent and the smooth automatic gear shift glides without a glitch.

It’s Designed to Impress

There is no faulting the classic and stylish exterior of the Porsche Panamera. The car boasts all the tell-tale signs of a Bentley design in a shape that delivers streamline driving and a stunning and smart impression on any onlookers and those fortunate enough to drive it!

Win the Porsche Panamera

You can actually snap up the opportunity to WIN a Porsche Panamera in Good Life Competitions’ recent competition. The competition superstars not only have the Porsche Panamera but also a Mercedes-Benz GLA class and Bentley Continental GTC up for grabs but buy your tickets quickly – they are sure to run out in no time!