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Tips on How to Find the Right Car Shipping Company

When searching for a car shipping company, it is crucial to consider your specific needs. For example, if you have an exotic or classic car that requires enclosed transport, you should only look at companies that offer this service.

Also, check out the company’s website for spelling and grammatical mistakes, which may indicate a less-than-reputable company.

Look for reviews

As in any industry, it’s essential to research when you want to find the right auto transport company. It involves looking for reviews, comparing prices, and understanding how the process works.

Knowing which companies offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping options is also helpful. It will help you choose a company best suited to your needs.

The car shipping marketplace connects you with auto transport brokers and carriers vetted for safety and reliability. When selecting a provider, you can see driver satisfaction ratings, how many jobs they’ve completed, and more. You can also read reviews from previous customers.

Any business with many complaints or a low customer satisfaction rating should be avoided. Ensure the firm has a current motor carrier number (MC number). It is required by law for all trucking companies. You can find this information on the company’s website or by contacting the company directly. Make sure the MC number is active before arranging a shipment. It is a simple step that many people overlook.

Ask about payment options.

Most auto transport companies will offer many different payment options. The most common way to pay is by credit card, but some will also accept debit cards and personal checks. If you are still determining what your options are, be sure to contact the company to learn more.

When you are ready to book your vehicle for transportation, you must pay a deposit. It can be done by either a credit or debit card or cash app. Many brokers will also allow you to pay by bank transfer or cash if they have a physical office nearby.

Car transport carriers prefer to be paid in cash or by cashier’s check upon delivery. They need the funds to cover any expenses incurred during the transport process. Plus, it helps to avoid any potential fraudulent chargebacks that may occur if you pay with a credit card or debit card. It is especially true for long routes that require the driver to make multiple stops over a long time.

Ask about liability insurance

While a company’s website may boast many cars shipped daily, it is more important to consider how they treat their customers and their carriers. Companies that ask for payments upfront or require you to wire funds are less reliable than those that allow you to pay only after an actual carrier has been dispatched to pick up your vehicle.

Look for spelling and grammar mistakes on the company’s website

Auto transport companies must be registered with the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. As proof of their registration, they must be able to provide you with their DOT number and MC number. If a company can’t or won’t give these numbers, they are most likely not legitimate.

Another thing to look for is spelling and grammatical mistakes on the company’s website. Genuine companies that run reliable businesses take the time to make sure their websites are free of errors. Websites full of spelling and grammatical mistakes are often the work of fraudulent companies trying to pass themselves off as authentic car shipping companies.

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The best way to find the right auto transport company is to request a free quote from several companies and compare their prices. Also, pay attention to what services each company offers. For example, some companies offer specialized services like enclosed auto transport, door-to-door service, and express delivery. Other benefits include digital tracking, guaranteed pick-ups, and customer discounts. Also, consider whether the company is a licensed and insured carrier.

Check for a valid Motor Carrier Number.

It is among the most crucial things to consider when selecting an auto shipping business. The auto transport industry is highly regulated, and it is illegal for companies to operate without a valid Motor Carrier (MC) number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the Department of Transportation. Ask any auto transport company you are considering for their MC number and make sure it is valid by checking it on the FMCSA website.

You can always ask for a free, fast estimate from a firm if you need clarification on their legitimacy to see what they have to offer and how much it will cost. It will help you narrow your search and find a company that best meets your needs.

Shipping your vehicle across the country is a big undertaking that takes significant resources and experience. Don’t trust your car with an average company that doesn’t have a track record of successful orders and deliveries just because their price is low. You will likely regret it later on.